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  • 1.  Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-14-2022 10:57
    Hello All,

    We are working on improving our event management system, 25Live. Right now we are trying to boil down our event reservation types. We currently have a break down such as tabling, meeting, info session, etc. but are wanting it to be more concise (preferably less than 10 types). What do you all use?

    Thanks for any suggestions!


    Jessica Baker
    Assistant Director of Student Engagement and Campus Activities
    Earlham College
    Richmond IN

  • 2.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-14-2022 17:02
    I am not the 'events' person, but I just dug around our EMS and these were the recurring event types I came across:

    Group Conference
    Group Meeting
    Guest Speaker

    Again these were booking types, not room set-up types :)

    Paul Edelstein
    Louisiana State University
    Baton Rouge LA

  • 3.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-15-2022 09:03
    Hi Jessica, 

    At the University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh we also use 25Live. These are our active event types for non-academic events (aka special events). Although it's a few more than I would like, it does seem to work for us.
    Academic Activity
    Calendar Announcement
    Equipment Loan
    Exhibit/Information Table

    Good luck and let me know if you have any further questions!

    Lisa Goetsch
    Reservations Coordinator
    University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
    Oshkosh WI

  • 4.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-15-2022 09:22
    We currently only use three event types. Indoor event request, Outdoor event request and Tabling. The different event centers on campus got together to come up with a list of questions that fit all venues. We used to have 10 to 15 different event types, that we found requestors would  ignore 99% of the time. We have other event types we use for academic purposes but for events, those three have been working nicely. 
    We do have a 4th event type for departments that own their own space (conference rooms, etc) called "Departmental Event" so they don't have to answer the same questions and can quickly book the space they need. 
    If you want more details, please feel free to reach out and I am happy to chat about it with you.

    Lynne Chin
    Assistant Registrar for Scheduling & 25Live
    Stony Brook University
    Stony Brook NY

  • 5.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-15-2022 10:12

    We have 19 event types. Not all of them are really used anymore, some are more historical from events 5+ years ago.


    These are the requestable event types that clients can select from the online reservation request:

    • Conference
    • Meeting
    • Other
    • Tabling
    • Wedding


    We have a lot more than are more internal that we can classify an event:

    • 5K run
    • Academic class
    • Chalking
    • Eagle Vision advertisement
    • Free speech
    • Maintenance
    • Performance
    • Private event
    • Prom/Dance
    • Reception
    • Recruitment/Orientation
    • Religious activity
    • Special Event



    Stephen R. McCay, Ph.D. 

    Associate Director for Operations | Union Department

    The University of Southern Mississippi

    Thad Cochran Center, Room 212

    118 College Drive #5067 | Hattiesburg, MS 39406

    Office: 601-266-4220 | Fax: 601-266-5870


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  • 6.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-15-2022 11:23
    Hi Jessica! 

    At the Iowa State University Memorial Union we use the following event types in EMS:

    Maintenance/Out of Use
    Outdoor Event
    Reoccuring Meeting
    Special Event

    Hope this helps. Good luck and let me know if you have any additional questions.


    Ashley Snyder
    Event Management Manager
    Iowa State University
    Ames IA

  • 7.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-16-2022 07:47
    At Purdue University, we share the EMS system among 3 units. But for our unit here is our 'Top Ten'

    Tabling Event
    Special Event
    Career/Information Fair
    Facility Hold

    Kathryn Walters
    Manager, Scheduling & Systems
    Purdue University
    West Lafayette IN

  • 8.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-17-2022 10:28
    Re:  Event Types in 25Live.

    We have kept it simple, we only use 4.

    -Set-up Only
    -Virtual Event

    Geoff Combs
    Executive Director, Campus Center & Event Services
    University of Massachusetts Boston
    Boston MA

  • 9.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-16-2022 14:28
    Hello Everyone,

    We have put together a report on event types that we will be offering to the ACUI membership next week. Keep an eye open for an email from the association with info on how to download it. The report details what we learned doing an anonymous analysis of how events were classified across 1.3 million customer bookings. Based on this information we are also able to suggest some best practices for setting up your reservation system. These are included in the report as well.


    Bryan Peck
    VP Sales & Marketing
    Mazevo, LLC
    Greenwood Village CO

  • 10.  RE: Event Management System Reservation Types

    Posted 06-23-2022 11:00
    Hello Jessica,

    Here at Minnesota State University Moorhead, we use EMS along with all of the whole of the MinnState system (separate from the University of Minnesota system).  Many conversations and discussion over the Event Types were scheduled.  In the end, we have come up with the following options.

    Event Type:
    • (none)
    • Athletics/Recreation
    • Conference/Camp/Workshop
    • Construction
    • Course, Credit
    • Course, Final Exam
    • Course, Non Credit
    • COVID 19 Community Support
    • Lease (1+yr)
    • Maintenance
    • Meeting
    • Promotion/Sales
    • Recruitment/Retention
    • Special Event
    • Supplemental Learning
    • Training for Campus Employees

    The COVID Event type came about after the initial list was created and still stays in the system as an option.  If you would like definition of how events fall in to each category, please let me know.  Our system has a whole booklet put together on how and why we set up EMS the way we did.  I also have information on Room Setup Types and Statuses used if that is of any help.

    Braden Kuznia
    Assistant Director of Event Services
    Minnesota State University Moorhead
    Moorhead MN