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    At Oregon State we tired a few different approaches and here are some key things we have found successful so far...

    1) how other campuses handle this kind of program (i.e., do you do this kind of training, how long does it last, who runs the sessions, how do you ensure attendance, etc).

    We do cover some of the other important things or have a guest speaker come...
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    Hi Brian,

    We have the SC90 platforms. It is a great piece of equipment.

    However, it is very labor intensive (and heavy). We have a student staff set up team in our building. I worry about safety and frequency of set up. 

    Happy to chat more if you would like. 
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    Good morning ACUI Friends, I have some questions about dedicated commuter/off campus student spaces.  Who has a dedicated commuter space in your building? What is the value of having a dedicated space?  Do non commuters feel welcome to use the space?  Are your spaces exclusively for commuters? We're debating this at WCU for our union building that has a...
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    Hi Brian, here’smy reply to a similar post last year regarding portable staging.Since ours is on wheels and mentions a brand you aren’tconsidering, I’m not sure it helps any, but here ya go: “…we looked at adjustable portable stages on wheelsfrom Stage Right as well as SICO. We had demo units shipped tous to test and even had the Stage Right rep come out fo...
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    We are in the process of decided what manufacturer's's portable staging to purchase. Right now we have to choose from Wenger (StageTek decks), Staging Concepts (90-44MVR decks), and StageRight (All-Purpose Deck w/ Z-800HD supports). Due to the size restriction of our elevator and where these will be stored, we will be purchasing 4' x 4' stage de...
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    Hi Meredith,

    Here at Valpo we do a number of All Staff trainings. We have 6 different student positions in total (Welcome Desk, Games Room, Reservations, Event Services, Building Managers and Student Org Suite Desk). We have students return early in the fall semester; Some the Monday before freshman move in begins (ES and BM) and the rest the Wednesday be...