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    Attn: Calling all those interested in leading. Applications are now up for Community of Practice leaders. I'm sticking around another year but would really enjoy the company of a co-leader! Consider it! You can apply now online at the link below with a deadline of April 13. If you are attending the Annual Conference I would be happy to chat there or feel fre...
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    Hi all!  We have actually added set-up responsibilities to our welcome desk.  We staff at least 2 people at all times, so 1 can get up and go set a table or flip a small meeting room easily.  I think they like getting up from the desk and interacting with the building more.  We also have managers that float the building, checking on facilities issues and helpin...
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    Thank you Jonthan!!!

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    Good morning, 
    You can find information on Emory's Respect for Open Expression policy and our program here:
    The link to the policy is:  Happy to answer any questions or discuss how we arrive to this point.  It has...
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    Good Day All,

    Here's how we utilize EMS and sharing the information with our students. I'll also attach a couple of screen shots to help with visualizing our process. 

    How do you use EMS to share event setup details with your setup crew?
    Our crew, like others, is a student only crew and they work shifts geared towards setups/AV shifts throughout the days. Th...
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    How do you use EMS to share event setup details with your setup crew?
    We have only a student crew that does setups in our building. There is really only two other flexible meeting space across campus, which the maintainer in those buildings takes care of. We have a student manager that goes through the EMS Setup Worksheets to identify and assign shifts. She t...