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    HiJonathan, we also have several freestanding charging stations thatdo get moved around on occasion, but not horrible. We actually likethe flexibility to move them where business demands pretty easily.We purchased a kwikboost locker at the beginning of the year lastyear and it gets good use. We opted just for the cell phone locker,not the tablet one b...
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    Good morning, ACUI friends!
    Emory is opening our new Campus Life Center in May, and we are looking at the various charging station options.  Currently, we have Kwikboost Chargers on stands, but we have found they often get moved around the building and into offices.  Also, students plug their phones in, walk away, and are shocked to find their phone missi...
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    Although I have never used it for Reservations. Our Staff Council uses a software called Submittable ( for Employee of the Month Submissions. The software will cue people to go in and approve the submission or even request additional information... You might look into that if you're needing additional levels of approval....
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    We are currently tracking our Meeting Room reservations and our Ballroom reservations on an Excel spreadsheet.  The challenges with this all paper system are numerous.  If you are using an online system for reservations at your Student Center...Is the entire process online?  Including Student Org Advisor approval? Can the user see availability of...
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    I'm psyched for this year's Collegiate Marketing Institute! Is anyone else planning to go?
    I'm on the planning committee and we've just finalized the line-up of speakers and topics. Will be posted soon!
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    Here is the link to our policies

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