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    The Mamava comes with a lock and key system and also, I have heard of people adding a keypad lock as well. We manage the check-out of the key through our Information Desk. The user has to sign in and leave a phone number, email, and ID in exchange for the key. The user has a 45-minute time limit in the pod and needs to call the Info Desk if they need an extension. We ha...
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    Want to be more involved on the regional level with minimal effort? Become a liaison for the Seasoned Professionals and Retirees (SPAR) community of practice!  This is an opportunity to become more engaged with a minimal amout of time and effort required.

    What would this look like?
    *Connect with your regional director and help identify SPAR members wit...
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    Hey there community members!

    Today is our first Zoom Roundtable.  The room will be open from 12pm - 4pm EST.  John and I look forward to seeing you there!

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    Attention Community Members!

    Join us every 3rd Wednesday of the month for a community zoom meeting. Each month we will host specific topics for us to engage in and to touch base with each other. Meetings will be from 3pm-4pm (EST). Hope to see you on August 21st!

    Each meeting will use the following room:

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    Hi Aja,
    We've had a Mamava Suite in our Student Center for three years now. I would love to connect with you to answer your questions.

    Tina Young
    Events Coordinator
    Student Center Operations -Temple University
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    Thanks, Lyndsay for your thoughts. That is very helpful. 

    Gillian, great question and great idea on putting together a tabling training. This will definitely help those who are less comfortable talking to a crowd.

    While I put together what we have at UTSA, let's see if anyone else from our Community has any thoughts or resources they can share. 
    Does anyo...