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    I am interested in campuses that have a student staff development programs that accompany their student staff training. What does your program consistent of, what kind of buy-in are you getting from student employees and is there a customer service model that you use that you have had a degree of success with.  Would love to find folks who are willing to sh...
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    Hey Joe,

    We do not have any in our Student Center facilities at Georgia State University and I haven't heard a request for any in the 5 years I've been here.

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    I'm looking into benches to address a need to have seating at the bus stop outside of our Student Center. 

    1) promoting the public transportation has a sustainable twist. 
    2) I would like to look at solar powered bench to provide charging station at the bench.  Sometimes the building is closed when people are waiting at this stop. 

    Anyone have solar powere...
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    Jasmine,  Here’s ourdisciplinary process policy taken from our employee handbook. Letme know if you have any questions. Disciplinary Procedures NewEmployeesNewemployees are hired on a 30-day probationary basis.  Anyemployee failing to meet job qualifications/requirements or failingto successfully complete his or her training can be dis...
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    Hello All, 

    I am looking to see what folks are doing to keep their students accountable for upholding policies and procedures. Do you have an accountability program such as; point system, 3 strikes your out etc. 

    Happy to connect via email as well,

    Thank you!

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    Hello ACUI, 

    Here at UW Bothell we have a fairly new Student Union called the ARC (Activities and Recreation Center). We have been open for about 3 1/2 years and serve a community of students less then 10,000. I am looking for some input and idea of what you all do regarding Fundraiser and Policies around activities. 

    My two questions are:

    1) Do you have a fund...