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    We purchase movie passes from the three movie chains in the Boston area and sell them 'at cost' to our students, and slightly higher for faculty/staff.  

    Joseph Rios, EdD
    Director, Engagement Operations and Student Affairs Assessment
    Mustang Involvement Center
    Mount Ida College
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    Hi there!

    I will email you a copy of the evaluation Marquette University uses for our Student Affairs in Higher Education graduate assistants. It's based on a practicum evaluation model so it may not be entirely what you are looking for, but perhaps a starting spot.

    Ali Myszewski
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    Hi Alejandro, 

    Here at our desk we carry a large assortment of items. We sell student event tickets, stamps, envelopes, apparrell (shirts and sweatshirts), and novelty items (keychains, face tattoos, postcards, magnets, license plate borders/holders, and hats, etc.) We have a very limited space, but we make the space work to our advantage. 

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    Hi Lanita, there are a few traditional end of semester events we do at CU Boulder. Our biggest and longest running on is Late Night (formerly Midnight) Breakfast. The events is pretty simple: staff/administrators serve breakfast to students the Monday of finals week. The intention is to provide students a hearty, well-rounded meal during a time they ma...
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    We are uitlizing Barco Click Share in 13 spaces and have little issue. 
    Are you updating your firmware on a regular basis.  Many of the MAC book issues were corrected with the last two firmware updates.  I also would suggest having IOS and OS clients utilize the mirrorop App and or the clickshare App.  As far as the distance if you can get your antenna i...
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    Hi everyone!

    I know that there have been many great materials for undergraduate student employee evals shared before, but I wondered if you use anything on your campus for GAs. I work in a supportive role for 15 GAs on staff in Recreational Sports (and directly supervise 1), I am hoping to create a supplemental 360 eval for graduate student supervisors to u...