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    Jerry Mann and I have recently been appointed to serve as co-leaders of the Seasoned Professionals and Retirees Community of Practice.  We are honored to take over the reins from Sally Hammock and Mary Connelly and thank them both for continuing to grow this group and offering opportunities for members to share information and advice with on...
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    Dear International Education CoP Members, 

    Hopefully this finds you doing well as you are either wrapping up the academic year or have been able to officially start the summer. 

    I am reaching out to gather reactions, feedback, and thoughts on a propose name change to the International Education Community of Practice. This comes from a brainstorm held a...
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    We had a meeting this morning with our Chief of Police on campus to start the ball rolling on safety and security in the new facility. I asked him the question about glass buildings, and he suggested that I check out 3M Protective Glass Covering. Check out this video of a demo: It seems like a good, cost-eff...
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    Thank you all so much for these recommendations! I will reach out to our IT folks and go from there. Due to the popularity of teleconferencing, I can see this solution going beyond the union renovation, even if we get fancy new spaces in the new facility. :) 
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    Our custodial quivers at the thought of carpet because of cleaning.  We currently have a wooden parkay floor in our ballroom - similar size to yours which can divided into 4 sections.  Wood seems to hold up batter than vinyl and can be cheaper than Terrazzo. We also have lofted ceilings with chandeliers - the acoustics are not that bad - you will just need to c...
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    Welcome Chance.  I'm excited for you!  I know you will be a great addition to the Tech-COP.  I'd be interested in seeing a survey of institutions who not only have issues with outdated frequencies, but are also having issues with analog equipment.  
    Looking forward to reading more of your posts.

    Michael McKean
    Texas A & M Commerce