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    Hi Warren,

    Our student programming board sponsors "Cram Jam" during finals week and it runs from Sunday - Friday of finals week.  We open our Campus Center building all night for studying.  From 10 PM - 6 AM, anyone entering the building needs to be a current student and show their student ID.  Security is hired to man the entrances and make sure it is only cur...
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    Hey there,

    We are open 24 hours a day from Tuesday night of dead week until the end of Finals week. We've been doing this for about 8 or 9 years now and the students love it. It's most busy from Thursday of dead week to Wednesday of finals, including weekends. 

    When we're open 24h, our student governments and us split the cost of providing coffee and cookies to st...
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    Our student government asked us a few years ago to extend our hours from midnight close to 1am during finals. Since then we’ve tracked traffic in the building and have not found significant visitor use above and beyond our regular traffic patterns with a midnight close.
    I'm considering asking our council to approve going back fo a midnight close, as that s...
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    We don't extend hours, but we have decently long hours anyway - 7a-midnight Mon-Sat and 2p-midnight on Sunday. However, our main library starts 24 hours as soon as finals start and they get enough traffic to warrant it apparently because they have been doing it for years. I would say that if your building is used heavily for studying anyway, and no one else l...
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    Happy spring! Hope you are well! Been getting lots of wear out of my Ohio pull over from the auction last fall because we haven't had any warm weather to speak of here in NH this spring.

    I haven't actually used this box, but it is one I came across when looking for one for home recently. I ended up going with the flip lid type because it was better where I neede...
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    Hi all-
    Just curious if anyone has a floorbox spec they really like? We are looking for something that does not have outlets recessed into the floor, with some kind of spring-loaded or other cover that is not prone to being accidently left open and broken. Haven't found any that stand up to the wear and tear of our guests, so I'm seeking counsel from my wise col...