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    Thanks all.

    Andrea - I think we could dive into that subject a lot more!

    Does anyone else have any areas that they would like to discuss regarding prepping for training?

    We will be planning a virtual meeting for our COP in the next few weeks and are looking for additional topics to cover. 
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    Wedding Policy - We offer space for a wedding as a "special opportunity" for faculty, staff, students or alumni.  To be specific, one of the individuals getting married must fit in to one of those categories.   This approach has solved a lot of problems.   Faculty, staff, students and alumni are familiar with the campus, venues and space limitations, an...
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    Hi Giancario and Kate,
    Greetings from the Erb Memorial Union at UO!  We've developed one tool to build a culture of assessment in our Student Union, and it's called CAKE!  Community Assessment Knowledge Experts (CAKE) has been active in the EMU for the past 5 years and it is slowly impacting a culture shift.  There is a rotating group of 5-6 of us who get tog...
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    Hi Everyone,

    Jennifer Keegin and I are working on some great things for the COP for Women's Leadership.  We are planning to submit some ed session proposals on women's leadership for the annual and the regional conferences.  We are reaching out to find out what kinds of topics would you want to learn more about related to women's leadership.  

    Thank you
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    I was wondering if anyone could share their daily, weekly, monthly, semesterly, or yearly (any of these) plans for game room maintenance? We completed a renovation and have built up our Game Room inventory over the past year or so but do not have any clear plans for maintenance and running the space? Any policies, documents, or advice would be helpful (...
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    We are fortunate enough to have a centralized scheduling process for all spaces on campus - therefore we have a pretty simple process (although we have run into a few political landmines from time to time - but that usually comes top-down, so everyone just gets out of the way and does not question too much)

    We are on a quarterly system here at Central Washingt...