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    We don't have multiple facilities, but we have two different areas - Welcome Desk and staff room - where students may clock-in or out for their shifts. We use Humanity (formerly Shiftplanning) for scheduling. There is a time clock function where you can restrict the ability to clock in and out to specific computers or GPS. I used to allow the students to clo...
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    Thank you so much! Your info is very helpful. I am bringing this to my department's operations meeting next week, so I am sure I will have more questions.

    Thanks again,
    Elizabeth Fouche 
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    We are working to get these different software packages to speak the same language, but have not solved it yet. Our hope is that the integration module that is being written by 7Point will allow for student organization information to be entered into Engage, then populate into EMS. Our event approval process is handled by Event Services, so the requ...
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    Hi James-
    This is a tough call.  I know it is frustrating to notice some of your furniture might be walking-off.  Have you tried installing a couple of cameras in the common areas where you suspect furniture is missing.  In addition to this, it might be helpful to put "area is being monitored" signage to let folks know.

    Tamene Abebe
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    Hi everyone,

    Our campus is using Campus Labs Engage as an event registration process for student organizations. We also use EMS for all reservations for our building. So currently, student groups need to submit a reservation request through Virtual EMS and then submit a separate request through Engage for university approval from stakeholders such a...
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    Hello all!

    We are in the process of developing event management training for student organizations.  If you have a few extra minutes as things (hopefully!) slow down for winter break, we would greatly appreciate your answers to the questions below.  Feel free to respond here or email me directly at office(s) facilitate event ma...