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Virtual Town Hall Methodology PLUS Native American Repatriation

  • 1.  Virtual Town Hall Methodology PLUS Native American Repatriation

    Posted 09-08-2022 13:39
    Some of you may have seen this method used previously, but it may be new to some: The video share of a virtual town hall hosted by a campus president that has the questions that were asked transcribed and time-stamped so you can jump around to the topics you may be interested in. Just thought this was a great way to efficiently share information with students, staff, and in this case, parents as well.

    VIDEO: Students and parents ask about repatriation, other campus issues - UND Today

    In addition, one of the topics is the current issues that have surfaced around the recent discovery of Native American ancestral remains found on the campus of the University of North Dakota and the discussion the university's administrators are conducting about that. It's interesting to see how this issue is being addressed in the town hall (and also, here, at the UND President's website: Repatriation). A post in the DEI CoP a month ago was also related to university repatriation efforts nationwide (Going Beyond Land Acknowledgments).

    Steve Chaplin
    Managing Editor - ACUI's The Bulletin
    Manager - College Union and Student Activities Evaluation Program (CUSA)
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