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  • 1.  Leftover Food App - Share Meals

    Posted 11-16-2023 13:16
    Hello all, 
    Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share some insight on this. I am the assistant director for our university center and we are currently deciding if we want to opt in or out on a new program/app that members of our University are trying to roll out called Share Meals.

    Share Meals is a digital platform where student or faculty events can post about extra food from club events with students who are food insecure. It works in real time, based on the student's location. Students can find extra food within a 5 minute walking distance. Clubs/Organizations or those hosting events (such as the Division of Student Affairs) would post leftover food from events to the app to notify that an event has surplus food. If they get a decent amount of students to come and that food we advertised runs out at 12:45pm, we would put out another alert that the food has been taken and the event is closed. 

    I am just wondering if anyone else has similar programs on campus and if they have had any success or problems with it? The staff in our building are concerned that this could cause issues with the event based logistics in our building. 

    Many thanks, 
    John Fluty

    John Fluty 
    Assistant Director of Operations 
      - Tinkham Veale University Center
    Case Western Reserve University

  • 2.  RE: Leftover Food App - Share Meals

    Posted 11-17-2023 09:09

    At my former school, we didn't have a dedicated app which seems wonderful. Our method was a Google Spaces group that we uploaded all the first years to (we have not done more than 4 years so we don't know how a purge of graduates would work).  Prior to that, we used Slack and prior to THAT, we used IG. The Google Spaces method is the best for us because it doesn't have a complicated sign-in and posting system. At my new institution, we have proprietary software so I can create a channel just for food rescue and it will go out to all users. 

    As for the logistics, we have normally indicated that the food was available up until ___ time and then after that, the custodial staff/food service providers are free to come clear the space. We haven't heard any complaints since they just adjust the time in their schedules for retrieval. 

    Hayden Greene
    Associate Dean of Students & Dir. of Intercultural Center
    Marymount Manhattan College
    Brooklyn NY
    (212) 774-0739

  • 3.  RE: Leftover Food App - Share Meals

    Posted 11-17-2023 10:55

    Hi there! 

    id love to connect- we're in the process of planning to introduce Share Meals as a trial with some rules attached specifically working with our university sanitarian. I do know NYU and a group of Colorado colleges have seen success using the app and am trying to also gain as much info as possible because the app can be used with an open or closed community. Would love to chat about your plan for implantation and share what challenges we're looking at if you'd like to zoom chat one day! 

    Amber Danku
    Assistant Director for Student Basic Needs
    Rutgers University
    New Brunswick NJ
    (848) 445-5500