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  • 1.  Information Desk Feedback

    Posted 10-13-2023 09:53

    Good morning ACUI!

    Does anyone have any feedback ideas that you would suggest for a Campus Information Desk? Similar to "How are we doing?" signs you might see at other businesses or on semi-trucks (ha).

    We are trying to evaluate our customer service and gain examples to use when coaching student employees, but in a format that students would actually contribute their feedback. 


    Deanna Cahoon-Draus
    University Center Programs Specialist
    University of Wisconsin River Falls
    River Falls, WI
    (715) 425-3986

  • 2.  RE: Information Desk Feedback

    Posted 10-14-2023 13:29

    Hi Deanna,

    I might suggest the use of a QR code that links to a quick survey.  I say "might" because it is something that we have tried, with limited success, so am wondering if others out there have done so more successfully.  We've only done it once, so are game for trying again.  Looking forward to seeing other ideas too!



    John Ginsburg
    Director, Student Life and Title IX Coordinator for Students
    Clackamas Community College
    Oregon City OR
    (503) 594-3030