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  • 1.  Gaming Consoles

    Posted 11-07-2023 13:27

    We have PlayStation, X-Box, and Nintendo Switch consoles hooked up at two TVs in our union building. We only offer physical games at this time. They are very out of date as we haven't purchased any new games. Students tend to log in to their own accounts on these consoles to play their cloud games. So my question is, is there a way to have an account for these consoles that our staff can manage, that can house all the games we purchase in the cloud? I think that would be easier to keep up to date with new games or games students request. I'm sure this solution might pose other challenges. Any information about how to better manage game consoles is much appreciated!

    Evelyn Martinez
    Director of Student Engagement & Leadership, WSU Tri-Cities
    Washington State University
    Kennewick WA
    (509) 372-7299

  • 2.  RE: Gaming Consoles

    Posted 11-07-2023 15:42

    Hi Evelyn,  


    Yes! You can create a staff account using a generic email. We actually have a and gmail account just for the Game Room so we have Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo accounts linked to those. Our staff has the logins for each of these accounts so they can troubleshoot as needed.

    We have also adjusted settings on each device to log in our staff user account automatically and prevent people from logging in with their own username. Additionally, we set it up so that only people with the account password can purchase new games, this way people cannot charge things to our department.  

    As for games we purchase digital downloads through Amazon or on the actual devices. New games come out every Fall so we try to budget to purchase the new versions of each popular game during that time. 

    We still have not figured out how block people from deleting our games and downloading random free games from the Xbox and PlayStation stores so if anyone has advice on that that would be great! We also still get people occasionally logging in with their own account but that has decreased with our safeguards. Hope that helps! 

    Laurel Chase
    Operations Manager - Temple University - Howard Gittis Stude
    Temple University
    Philadelphia PA
    (215) 204-9266

  • 3.  RE: Gaming Consoles

    Posted 11-08-2023 09:23

    Hi Evelyn,

    We opened our new Student Center in August that includes a game room with Xbox, Playstaion, and Nintendo Switch. We created gmail accounts for Playstation and X-boxes. We subscribed to the Xbox Game Pass, which is a montly subscription for $20. We do the Ultimate subscription because it includes FIFA, which was one of the most requested games from students. For Playstation, we did the similar Playstation Plus route. That was around $150 for the year. Both update each month with new games, so it takes it off of me to need to purchase games each month. I have told my Game Room Associates to let me know if there is a popular game that is not on the subscription plans I would look into purchasing separately. For Switches, we have physical games at this time.

    The only issue I have run into with the subscription passes is with Playstation. Our university had Playstation purchases blocked, so I had to go through our Accounts Receivable department to get special permissions on my card to purchase from Playstation. Xbox shows up as Microsoft on account statements, so that has not posed an issue. 

    We do still allow students to log into their own accounts and use their cloud if they wish. Since purchasing the subscription passes, we have had less students logging into their own accounts. We have a Game Room Lead student employee position, and one of their responsibilities is to check storage on the consoles every so often and make decisions on if we need to delete any games. Similar to what Laurel already posted, we block new purchases on so nobody can buy games on the departmental credit card. 

    Hope this information helps!

    Brook Moroz-Beasley
    Assistant Director Facility Operations
    Western Michigan University
    Kalamazoo MI
    (269) 387-4866

  • 4.  RE: Gaming Consoles

    Posted 11-08-2023 16:27

    I believe you can turn off the ability to make purchases from the console BUT you can still redeem codes. I purchased a gift card and redeemed the card on the console, giving us $50 (or $100) in our console account that could be spent on digital content purchases. That way we don't have credit card info stored in the console. However, I am still testing this. We lost our game room during COVID so I have a drawer with an Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 and Wii, plus a drawer full of old games. I purchased an Xbox Series S for another purpose and I've been using it as a "test" for university use.


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