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  • 1.  Food Trucks on Campus

    Posted 09-25-2023 15:56

    At Western Michigan University we do not currently allow food trucks on campus.  I'm on a campus committee exploring a possible change to that practice.  Would value having examples of campus food truck guidelines, policies, practices, etc.  Thank you in advance! 


    Paul Terzino


    Director Student Center

    Western Michigan University



  • 2.  RE: Food Trucks on Campus

    Posted 09-26-2023 09:02
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    Hi Paul!

    We currently allow food trucks on our main campus at NC State as a catering option for our events clients, but do not allow them to sell at events. All food has to be pre-purchased and then clients use a variety of ticketing or voucher systems to distribute the food. I've attached our current Food Truck Agreement, which also includes the guidelines around food trucks at events. We do charge a fee to have a food truck, $25 for student orgs and $40 for university departments. Happy to chat more if you'd like!

    Casey Kenner
    Assistant Director, Reservations & Event Planning
    North Carolina State University
    Raleigh NC
    (919) 935-9861


  • 3.  RE: Food Trucks on Campus

    Posted 09-27-2023 09:56

    Wentworth Institute of Technology allows food trucks to be brought to campus for events, either to sell directly to customers or paid via pre-paid tickets. All reservations must be made through our food service vendor, Sodexo, who checks for insurance and manages the payments to the vendor. In that way, we can use our university accounts to pay for the service without cutting checks to the vendors and getting them into our payment system. Sodexo hosts a weekly food truck on Tuesdays during the summer, so we already know they have a relationship with a half-dozen trucks that we can easily bring on since all meet our insurance standards. 

    Since Boston has robust food truck offerings, we have many that want to come on campus. We know that not all are operated to the standard that would meet health and safety standards. We appreciate this relationship with our food service provider since Sodexo knows how to evaluate if the truck will meet our insurance and health/safety standards. 


    Joseph Rios
    Director for Student Engagement
    Wentworth Institute of Technology
    Boston MA
    (617) 989-4086