Hazing Prevention/Harm Reduction Education

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Hazing Prevention/Harm Reduction Education

Posted by Joe Lattal on Jan 8, 2019 4:54 pm

2019 Greetings to the Student Organization Advisors Community!
Our team is reflecting on our current plan regarding hazing prevention education. What are folks doing with regards to harm reduction and hazing prevention? Interested in whether folks are paying for online modules from third-party providers, creating homegrown programs, what offices are in charge of these decisions on your campus, who all is involved in collecting data on the topic, and anything else that might be useful. Please respond below or email me directly: joseph.lattal@northwestern.edu
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Re: Hazing Prevention/Harm Reduction Education

Posted by Michelle Streeter on Jan 31, 2019 2:14 pm

A few years ago we launched a mostly peer run presentation called the Positive Organization's Expectations program, which defines hazing, challenges students to think about behaviors they may have or currently do engage in with their organizations, and encourages them to replace some of the problematic and demeaning behaviors with more positive and uplifting ones. The program was developed in response to a survey about the hazing culture at our institution. This program is available by request for all our student organizations, but at the moment we mostly see Greek organizations request it since it fulfills one of their Fraternal Organization Agreement requirements. We have, however, had a few non-Greek groups participate in modified versions of the program as sanctions for hazing incidents, but would love to see more groups request the program proactively.