Guest policies?

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Guest policies?

Posted by Brandy Burgess on Feb 27, 2018 8:58 am

Three quick questions from the University of Floida!  We currently allow 1 guest per student at no cost at our weekly late night program but are looking at several options.  

1.  Does any school charge for guests and if so, how much?
2.  Do you limit the number of guests?
3.  Does anyone have an age limit on guests such as  guest must be 16+?

Thank you for any feedback you can provide at all!  
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Re: Guest policies?

Posted by Catherine Fitzpatrick on Feb 28, 2018 10:46 am

the University Activities Board at Michigan State University has the same guest policy "MSU Students + 1 guest, all must show ID" 
we do not charge or have an option to charge for guests
no age limite, if younger siblings attend we "sign them in" on a log we keep for the guests, we just take their name along with the student and their ID #

Re: Guest policies?

Posted by Missy Burgess on Feb 28, 2018 10:55 am

Hi Brandy!  (Great last name by the way!)

UW Oshkosh charges $5 per guest.  This money is used to offset the cost of the late-night meal we provide at our program.  We do not restrict the number of guests.  We do require that guests have a photo ID and be associated with a student.  We collect name and ID number for their student host and name and date of birth for the guest as part of our special event protocol.  (All students swipe into their event with their ID.)  We do not restrict by age, but we do post signage if any part of the event is not minor-friendly.  Additionally, if the mionor wanted to do any event that required a waiver signature, it would have to be signed off on by their parent or guardian.


Re: Guest policies?

Posted by Veronica Perondi on Feb 28, 2018 12:16 pm

Hey Brandy,

San Diego State University has the following policies:

1.  We do not charge for guests, but they must enter an event with an SDSU student. We take down their information and the SDSU student's ID #. The only event where we charge for guests is a concert, but students are charged as well. Guests are just charged more.
2.  We do not limit the total number of guests. But we do limit the number of guests an SDSU student can bring - only 1.
3.  Age limit is 18+ for guests. They must show an ID to enter.

Re: Guest policies?

Posted by Lauren Kuski on Mar 1, 2018 4:34 pm


At Rowan University (NJ), we have an established guest policy for typical nights. We only permit 30 guests in per night, a guest must be signed in by a current Rowan student (one guest per one Rowan student). We do not charge guests to participate, but they are limited in what they're able to participate in (i.e., they can't do any take aways, but they could listen to a live performance). Guests must also have a photo ID to prove they are 18+. 

There are certain weekends, like Lil' Sibs Weekend or Homecoming that these rules change, but they are promoted differently as well.

Hope this helps!