Partnership with Catering

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Partnership with Catering

Posted by Abby Albright on Jan 10, 2018 8:59 am

Hello All!

I was wondering if anyone has a partnership or some type of deal with their catering companies (ours is Aramark) regarding late night events. We use them every single week so they are guarenteed our business and I wanted to try to develop a partnership so we can save money. If anyone has anything set up with Aramark or your campus caterer, I'd love to hear more about it!

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Re: Partnership with Catering

Posted by Veronica Perondi on Jan 11, 2018 11:22 am

Hi Abby,

At San Diego State University, we have an on campus catering company called Aztec Shops. They have first-right of refusal when it comes to any food at events on campus. If we want to go with an off-campus caterer, or restraurant for food we have to get it waived by Aztec Shops. It's a very complicated process that involves Certificates of Insurance, Workers Comp, Car Insurance and food permits. It is often worth the effort because it is much cheaper and we can get specific food items that we can't always get with Aztec Shops. However, when it comes to straight forward food, that isn't culturally specific or event specific, we try to go with other on-campus food vendors (Oggis, Chipotle, Rubios, etc) as a second choice. If we have a time contraint, we just go with Aztec Shops. 
Hope that information is helpful.

Re: Partnership with Catering

Posted by Lauren Kuski on Jan 25, 2018 2:11 pm


I work at Rowan University (NJ) overseeing Rowan After Hours (RAH). Each night we host a "midnight food bar" (it acutally comes out around 11:30pm; however, "11:30am food bar" doesn't sound good). We work with our catering company, Gourmet Dining, on most food bars except a few cultural dishes or a sheet cake that might be easier/cheaper than Gourmet.

Seeing as we host RAH Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night, we have 3 food bars each weekend. On average, our food bars cost $300-500 a night, depending on what we're having. We usually order for 80-100 knowing that some food orders we can stretch out.

Gourmet gives us free water and 2 free airvoids of lemonade throughout the entire night. Their catering staff is on throughout the night if we have issues, and usually isn't too difficult to find. They lay the food out around 11:15pm, but do not help serve the food (that's what my staff does). 

When RAH started in the begining, we only had cookies, brownies, cakes, and hot coffee. Nothing that really needed much attention. After the initial "midnight food bar" and funding got approved for the entire RAH program, we worked with our food company at the time to negotiate that we get a student rate rather than a departmental rate since our funding comes from student fees. The student rate is significantly cheaper.

We work closely with catering and the chef that oversees our account. They are extremely receptive to feedback, and also help us to create new or unique menu items that you might only be able to get at a RAH event. It's still very pricey, but we've been able to work with them to propose that some items are free, and since they're guarrenteed our business pretty much 3 nights a week, we've been able to negotiate that deal. 

Hope this helps!

Re: Partnership with Catering

Posted by William Harcleroad on Jan 26, 2018 12:55 pm

SUNY Oneonta has Sodexo and ours have been great to work with. We don't have a formal partnershjip for late nigth but, in general, have worked with them to develop less expensive catering options for student organizations and events. They also will provide limited free food (usually cookies, ...) for receptions, ... I have had good luck bragaining with them as well when we need items like pizza and wings which are cheaper off-campus.