2018 Annual Conference Preview - Facilities COP

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2018 Annual Conference Preview - Facilities COP

Posted by Michael Schmit on Feb 13, 2018 10:37 am

Hello Community!

Now that we are five weeks away from the 2018 Annual Conference it is a good time to preview opportunities for the Facilities and Operations Community of Practice (COP). The full schedule is on the ACUI website, and the ACUI App powered by Guidebook has the program ready to be downloaded. Here are some of the highlights for our community:
  1. Our COP meeting will be in education block two this year after being in block 10 (the last block) in 2017. This block is right after the honors breakfast on Thursday morning at 11:30am, so we should be well fed and ready to share! Shout out to Scarlett Winters for giving me the block that I requested.
  2. The COP fair will be held at 4:45pm on Thursday afternoon, during the open hours of the Expo Hall (and Happy Hour). 
  3. We have a great rundown of exhibitors in the Expo Hall related to the interests of our COP. 
  4. Again this year attendees can sort education topics by ACUI Core Competency areas. If you are only interested in "facility management", you can sort by that in the App to help organize your conference experience. 
Today (Feb 13th) is the conference registration deadline, so hopefully everyone has been able to register for the conference. If you are missing Anaheim, we will miss you but hope to see you in Indiana for the 2019 conference. Though registration will be closed, you can still add conference experiences like tours to your registration. There are some great tour opportunities in the Anaheim area, including an eSports tour that I am really looking forward to. 

Please reach out with any questions. I look forward to seeing everyone in Anaheim.

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