24-hour events

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24-hour events

Posted by Lesa Radtke on Feb 25, 2019 12:50 pm

Do you allow 24-hr student organization sponsored fundraising (or other) events in your Student Union?  If so, what is your protocol for such events? How do you manage staffing for the overnight hours and do you charge any fees to the student organization for an event that goes beyond normal business hours? Do you require professional staff to work the overnight in addition to student employees?

Thank you!
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Re: 24-hour events

Posted by John Payne on Feb 27, 2019 5:29 pm

Hi Lesa,

Here at UC San Diego we do allow for 24 hour events in our Union.  We have 24 hours events in our outdoor space in addition to indoor spaces.  For both types of events we do have full time staff on-site to monitor in addition to performing other duties during the shift.  For the outdoor spaces we require a Community Service Office be hired to be on-site at all times to ensure safety.  For our indoor events we charge $125 per hour (12am - 8am) for building overtime fee in order to have staff available to clean in addition to helping with covering the utility costs (lights, HVAC...etc.).  Depending on the nature of the indoor 24 hour event we may also require security.  

We do approx. 5-6 outdoor events and 1-2 indoor event per year that are 24 hours or similar.  

All the best,

John Payne
Associate Director
UC San Diego - University Centers
858-534-8986 phone