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Upcoming Events

  • SPAR Meetup Notes- 1/26

    SPAR Meetup:  January 26- Meeting Notes

     1. Day of Giving (“Chuck Challenge”)- raised $2074


    1. Annual Conference (Feb 26-Mar 2) Events- need volunteers!
    • Sunday, Feb 26: Resource Fair 12-2
      • Networking Event 1-2pm
    • Career Center:
      • Monday 3-5pm
      • Tuesday 8am-1 pm and 3-5pm
      • Wednesday 8am-1pm


    1. SPAR Social TUESDAY 2/28 evening: 5:30 - 8 pm (off-site)


    1. ACUI’s College Unions Certification initiative

    Looking for mentor professionals in the certification preparation program. SPAR members’ knowledge and passion for mentorship is a perfect match!  Contact Scarlett Winters, or 812-245-8095. Need:

    • Certification Advisory Committee – Subject Matter Experts
    • Appeals and Program Complaints Committee
    • Certification Preparation Program Moderators/Mentors


    1. ACUI Regional Engagement Task Force

           Sarah Comstock & Joe Hayes interviewed group about regional engagement

           & support mechanisms for regional volunteers

    • What is going well in terms of regional engagement? Areas struggling?
    • Support mechanisms and experiences important to regional volunteers?
    • What are you hearing from members in terms of engagement?
    • Hoped for outcomes from this task force?
    • What do you see as the core purpose of the regions?


    Next Meetup:   March 30 @ 3 pm EST

    In attendance: Victoria Angis, Jerry Mann, Lincoln Johnson, Tim Moore, Gail Sutton, Cathy Holbrook, Sharon Hay, Sharon Silverstein, Neil Gerard, Sara Aikman, Bob Schneeweiss, Toby Peters, Jane Stachowiak, Rob Rouzer, Chris Cottle, Donna Schmidt, Leyla Hawkins, Chuck Morrell, Cheryl Grew-Gillen, Kristine Lynn Day, Cynthia Woolbright, Bob Rodda, Joe Hayes, Sarah Comstock, Gail Olyha.

  • Join Virtual Community Week: February 6 - 10, 2023

    Hello everyone!!

    Mark your calendar and join us for Virtual Community Week, February 6 - 10, 2023.

    The following Community of Practice Leaders will host sessions:
    • February 6, 2p.m. ET: Graduate Students and New Professionals (Abigail Garcia)
    • February 7, 1p.m. ET: Leadership & Service Education (Rouel Velasco)
    • February 7, 3p.m. ET: Women's Leadership
    • February 8, 12p.m. ET: Marketing (Susan Lechtanski)
    • February 8, 1p.m. ET: Urban Unions (Joe Hayes)
    • February 9, 11a.m. ET: Student Employee Supervisors (Chrissie King & Kathleen Hurley)
    • February 9, 2p.m. ET: LGBTQIA+ (Caleb Eubanks)
    • February 9, 3p.m. ET: Student Organization Advisors (Jen Grossman Leopard)

      See you there!


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