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  • SPAR Challenge: from Chuck Morrell

     November 21.2022

     Dear Colleagues,

    For 108 years, ACUI has provided support to thousands of Student Union and Student Affairs Professionals. This support has involved attendance at International and Regional Conferences, seminars, and internet meetings over the last few years. The opportunity to learn from and with our peers and to connect with one another has forged friendships that last a lifetime.

    For those of you like me who committed a career to the “College Union Idea”, we need to do what we can to pass that commitment on to those currently active in the profession and future generations of professionals, graduate, and undergraduate students.

    Now that I am retired, I often wonder what my Legacy might be. I believe that Legacy is the on-going support to ACUI in the form of financial support. My pledge of support is for the hundreds of professional -- and now personal-- relationships I have developed over the past 44 years!!

    I CHALLENGE all members of SPAR to donate to ACUI’s Day of Giving, December 2, 2022.

     I PLEDGE the sum of $108.00 to honor the longevity of ACUI, to all those that preceded us, and to those that will follow. Will you join me?? 

    Donations made between November 28- December 4 will be credited towards this challenge.  Click here:

    This is the single most important action we can take as friends of ACUI. It would be great if this challenge sets the bar for the other Communities of Practice to follow!!

    ACUI will gather in Boston from February 26 -March 2, 2023—hope to see you there!

    I am grateful for each of you as you consider being a part of this Challenge. 

    Sincerely, CHUCK

     Chuck Morrell, ACUI Emeritus 2013



  • 10.13 Meetup Notes!

    ACUI’s Community of Practice for

    Seasoned Professionals and Retirees (SPAR)

    October 13, 2022  Meeting Notes


    • Intros: Sharon Hay (new co-chair) with Gail Olyha
    • Regional SPAR Liaisons: Bob Rodda, Lincoln Johnson, Gail Sutton, Mary Connelly
    • Everyone else: Dana Lee Haines, Carl Stiles, Rob Rouzer, Leyla Hawkins, Neil Gerard, Jane Stachowiak, Chuck Morrell. Bruce Hamilton, Sally Hammond, Sharon Silverstein, Loren Rullman, Chris Bowen, Geoff Combs, Rick Haught, Gail Sutton. Mary Connelly, Don Rohel, Tim Moore, Donna Schmidt, Chris Cottle, Erin Morrell (ERF) and Stacey Givens (ACUI).


    1. Congratulated 3 pending retirees—Tim Moore, Sharon Silverstein, Chris Cottle.


    1. Shared dates of upcoming regional conferences (on ACUI website)
    2. Day of Giving: ERF Team Member, Erin Morrell discussed upcoming “Day Of Giving” on Dec 2.  Chuck Morrell pledged $108 in honor of ACUI’s birthday;  pledge echoed by Bruce Hamilton.    SPAR will circulate message to our COP and challenge other communities to best us.


    1. 2023 Annual Conference: Boston, February 26-March 2, 2023


    • Career Center- Mary Connelly & Sharon Hay are coordinating more active involvement by SPAR in Career Center.
    • Other Ideas - evening SPAR social/gathering


    Next Meetup:   Thurs. Jan 26, 2022

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