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  • 1.  Master Calendar

    Posted 03-30-2022 15:44

    I'm wondering if anyone uses some sort of master calendar system on their campus that encompasses any and all campus activities to integrate academics, athletics, student life, etc. Do you have one central office who manages the calendar? Do you use any specific software for this?


    Thank you for any insight you all might have!


    80upBU_AltLogo purple2Holly Metzger '05, MBA '21 | Director of Student Engagement

    Bluffton University |

    1 University Dr., Bluffton, OH 45817

    Phone: 419.358.3297



  • 2.  RE: Master Calendar

    Posted 03-31-2022 10:45
    Hello Holly!

    Please note we are a small, liberal arts institution of 2000 students. 25Live is the campus calendaring system. Everyone on campus is required to use it to schedule events. Everything is in there from athletics, theatre productions, and regular meetings. Public Safety uses 25Live to manage their days. I oversee the operation of the system as the Campus Scheduler. As the campus scheduler, I oversee green spaces, 3 multi-use academic buildings, chapel, and the student center reservations. The actual back of house stuff is done by IT. Each area scheduler (i.e. Athletics, Fine Arts, Music School) attends an Events Meeting bi-weekly with facilities staff and Public Safety. We do a 3 week out calendar. I'm also implementing an Institutionally Significant Event Planners Meeting for those office that plan events such as Homecoming, Family Weekend, Orientation, Athletic Events, Productions, etc. for each spring to get a jump on each year. As the Campus Scheduler, I'm trying to get as much planned in advance to distribute information to students and parents each fall. Since I also oversee the student center and the only multipurpose space on campus, I also do an email out to stakeholders that plan institutionally significant events every spring doing an ask for their events. I also remind people that I can schedule events up to 5 years out if they wanted to get their events in early. 

    Just as an important note, I include student events in the call for Institutionally significant events that are high impact on the student body or important to the groups that schedule them. These include Black Student Union's Ebony Ball, Latin Student Organizations La Fiesta, University Center Board large events, etc.

    Candice Germany
    Assistant Director of Campus Life Events and Operations
    Millikin University
    Decatur IL

  • 3.  RE: Master Calendar

    Posted 03-31-2022 14:13

    Thanks for the e-mail. 

    Here at Florida Gulf Coast University, everything is scheduled into our scheduling software (25Live).  Our office schedules the majority of meetings and events on campus but Athletics, Campus Recreation, Housing, and the Registrar's Office all utilize 25Live for scheduling. Based on that, we were able to work with CollegeNet (makers of 25Live) to create a variety of calendars that meet our needs.  Our office is in charge of "managing" the calendar, but most of the time it consists of setting up the correct calendar feeds so events make their way to the appropriate calendar.

    This first calendar is our Featured Events calendar - This is used to showcase our highest profile events on campus that often times the FGCU community and general public are invited to.  It features photos, descriptions, building photos, and directions and has been a great tool to promote some of our biggest events on campus. This calendar does require a bit of manual work from our office in either reviewing or uploading the appropriate event photos and event descriptions.

    The second calendar is our Calendars by Location - This is set up directly off of our calendar feeds with no manual work needed.  This calendar basically shows what is scheduled in each building on each individual day, and is utilized mostly by those on-campus (students, faculty, and staff members).

    The third calendar is the Grid View of our Calendars by Location - This one is also set up directly off of our calendar feeds with no manual work needed.  This calendar basically shows the same thing as our Calendars by Location, but it is in a grid format.  This calendar is mostly utilized my faculty and staff members when looking for availability of specific locations on campus.

    I hope that this helps, but please let me know if we can provide any further information.

    Eric Balmer
    Director of Campus Reservations
    Florida Gulf Coast University
    Fort Myers FL

  • 4.  RE: Master Calendar

    Posted 04-01-2022 08:21
    Hi Holly -

    As others have mentioned, we also use 25Live as our main scheduling/ event calendar system.  All major campus events (even classes) are scheduled through 25Live.  It's very user friendly and easy to navigate.  Anyone with a university email address can log into the system to do a search of events, days, weeks, or a month at a time.

    Good luck!

    Ernie Kimlin
    Interim Director - Student Union, Event & Conference Services
    Northeastern Illinois University
    Chicago IL

  • 5.  RE: Master Calendar

    Posted 04-05-2022 11:04
    It took years to get here, but Indiana University is using LiveWhale for our events calendar: It's pretty robust, and has numerous tags and filters, so departmetns can create specialized calendars. It's not integrated with our 25Live or other scheduling platforms as far as I know, but it does pull in the public events our student groups enter into our Engage platform. Content from LiveWhale can populate other websites, such as our School of Music landing page, with upcoming events. That's about all I know about it...

    Jim Johnson
    Associate Director, Student Involvement & Leadership Center
    Indiana University-Bloomington
    Bloomington IN