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Staffing Structure Best Practices

  • 1.  Staffing Structure Best Practices

    Posted 06-29-2021 12:00

    Hello all!

    Coming out of a year of COVID-impacted work practices and preparing for an in-person fall, we find ourselves with the opportunity to re-structure the way our student staffing model is laid out. At Kalamazoo College's Office of Student Activities, we typically have 12-20 students on staff that are responsible for programming for the campus, as well as building management for the student center. In the past, these two responsibilities of the role were separate, which sometimes created a divide between staff.

    As I move forward with planning the staffing structure for this upcoming year, I am wondering what has been an effective plan for folks elsewhere? Have you seen that training each staff member for each aspect of the job was effective? Have you seen specialized, more specific delegation of roles to be effective? I am open to any current practices! 

    Thank you :)  

    Colleen McInerney
    Western Michigan University
    Kalamazoo MI