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Possible Replacement for Radios - Relay

  • 1.  Possible Replacement for Radios - Relay

    Posted 03-03-2022 09:02
    Hello ACUI

    This year we have experienced severe degradation with our current radio/ walkie-talkie system. We are looking at a few options and have proposals for replacing our current system including new repeaters, new base stations, and 60 new Motorola XRP3500e UHF radios. We recently had a meeting with - Relay - We think this could be a viable alternative for radios - they had answers for every question regarding warranty, battery life, durability, cost, range (uses 4G LTE cellular), tracking, etc. It sounds really great (as it should coming from a sales rep) but wanted to reach out to the ACUI community to see if anyone has experience using or looked at using them and what your takeaways were. 

    We have a follow up meeting next week and have asked for references and will possibly go to a facility (Great American Ball Park) to see how they actually work. I'm happy to keep you all updated on what our findings are and what direction we decide to go, but any information you have would be great! 

    Thank you

    Patrick Edwards
    Associate Director - Ohio Union Operations and Events
    The Ohio State University
    COlumbus OH