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Lost and Found: missing the conference but would love to connect later

  • 1.  Lost and Found: missing the conference but would love to connect later

    Posted 03-13-2022 23:47

    Howdy ACUI Community! 

    I hope everyone is excited about the conference this week! Unfortunately, even though it's in our backyard, a jam-packed festival and events season won't allow me to attend this year. I hope everyone has a wonderful time, learns a lot, takes advantage of the great local food (on the few warm days), and if you have some time after recovering from the conference, I'd be thrilled to chat about your lost and found process and get feedback on what we're building.

    A bit of backstory, I'm Benji, the Co-Founder of Liff Happens. I started my career in Lost and Found by getting Crowdfind started, taking it from a single customer to one of the most commonly used tools to manage Lost and Found across events, campuses, arenas, and airports. Crowdfind chose to expand into other problem areas while I believe Lost and Found was far from solved. Thus, Liff Happens launched in 2018 to build impactful software that helps organizations and their consumers better manage the lost and found experience.

    We've quickly become the event and festival tool of choice, released many impactful tools to simplify the process for staff and customers and are now looking to build tools to help campus lost and found. I would be thrilled to chat and learn more about the process, problems, and goals you have on campus.

    Benji Friedl
    Liff Happens, Inc.
    Chicago IL