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  • 1.  student employee "career" ladder

    Posted 04-12-2022 18:46
    Hello! Do any of yall have any internal programs processes you use to help create a career ladder for your students? Do you have a ladder in place that maybe encourages students to build skills or competencies in order to move up or get raises? Do you recruit from within for your building manager positions? DO students know what they need to do to move up in your organization? We are looking at how to build a program that encourages growth from within so we can focus on retaining and promoting students. I'd love to hear what you do or have you share any visuals you have regarding positions, movements within the union, competencies gained, and hourly rate etc.

    Molly Ward
    Director of the Shepherd Union
    Weber State University
    Ogden UT

  • 2.  RE: student employee "career" ladder

    Posted 04-13-2022 08:52
    I love that idea--let me know if you want to get a few folks together to come up with something.


    James Van Roekel
    Director of Student Affairs Technology
    Sam Houston State University
    Huntsville TX

  • 3.  RE: student employee "career" ladder

    Posted 04-13-2022 12:27
    Hi Molly,

    (I tried to post a reply earlier but don't see it, so if this is a duplicate, my apologies!)

    We've had a promotional process in place for several years at NC State, and it's a major part of our success. The way we have structured it does exactly what you said - encourages them to build skills and competencies in order to move up. We talk about promotions as early as onboarding so that they're aware of the opportunities. I'm attaching two documents for you. One is a slide presentation that goes over the promotion process in detail, and the other is a one-pager that summarizes it into a kind of flow chart. Our positions are divided into tiers, with Tier 1 being the entry-level tier at which most students start, and Tier 4 being our Building Managers (which is an internal promotion). Each tier comes with more responsibility, leadership, and client interaction, and of course, a pay raise. We also give longevity raises each year.

    (Note: what you see is our ideal process...because of COVID and losing 90% of our student staff over the past two years, we have had to make exceptions to the number of hours required at each tier to be eligible for the next one.)

    If you have any questions about our process, I'm happy to help!

    Allison Van Den Berg
    Operations Coordinator
    North Carolina State University
    Raleigh NC

  • 4.  RE: student employee "career" ladder

    Posted 04-15-2022 17:36
    I've just joined ACUI Staff and one of the ideas I am noodling on is mapping volunteer opportunities to a career ladder so folks can build skills (what they get) while serving others (what they give). In my past life I've found that an effective way to move from one rung to the next is to "upskill" or "reskill" through stretch assignments (on campus) or volunteer roles (yes, with ACUI).

    Thank you for raising this topic and for sharing the PDFs.

    I would be interested in hearing other folks stories about volunteer roles that helped prepare them for the next career move.

    Stacey Givens
    Director of Strategic Initiatives and Senior Diversity Office
    Bloomington IN