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University of Pennsylvania

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University of Pennsylvania
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Maggie is a Philadelphia native and doesn’t really know how she got here. She holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts, Communication Studies from Bloomsburg University and as a Theatre Major she never expected to be working in an office, with a desk, and be out by 5pm. She started her career managing seven actors and a technician in a van and truck company traveling around the US and meeting 500 to 1500 kids a day. When that got to be too crazy (and they only sent her to the really cold places in winter), she moved back to Bloomsburg to become the Stage Manager in Residence for the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble. Realizing that she wanted a normal life and weekends free-ish she moved on to The George Washington University’s Marvin Center and University Conferences in Washington, DC to become an Event Coordinator/Assistant Theater Manager. Maggie then decided that she missed home and all the fun people that came with it! So in 2010 she accepted the position of Assistant Manager within the Perelman Quadrangle at Penn and has been here ever since. She is very excited to continue working in a University setting with the Grad Center, managing staff and making sure there’s always coffee!