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    We are starting to open up summer rentals for weddings and I'm looking for any planning guides, request forms/applications, checklists, rules/regulations, etc. to use as a template to guide our staff when talking with propective clients. These may or may not include alcohol, which I know is a totally separate conversation. Just looking right now for o...
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    Good Evening, 

    I work as an Event Support Coordinator and supervise the production team that is responsbile for setup and breakdown for events in our University of Vermont student center. We are in the process of looking at options for a wheelchair ramp to allow accesibility to our stage. The stage that we currently have in our inventory have adjustable l...
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    Although not super creative, we changed our rates for room rentals from flat rates to hourly; we also started charging non-university for all day staffing even if it is during normal business hours at $25 per hour. This was based on the thought that, 1. students pay for our staffing not non-university and 2. non-univeristy tend to need more help during set...
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    Dear Community of Practice Members,
    I am forwarding the message from the 2018 International Conference Ed Sessions Chair - they would like additional member involvement in reviewing submissions:

    In order to ensure the educational program is inspiring, pertinent, and inclusive to all members of ACUI, we plan to expand the sel...
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    Thanks for posting this question - we are at the beginning stages of developing a process for approving speaker requests (specifically from student groups).  I can reply again when I have something concrete to provide...hopefully others can chime in with their processes.  

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    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you so much for such a quick and comprehensive reply. We have had our first working group meeting with our the twoco-presidents of the Muslim Student Association and students fromour ELI program.  What we gathered is that the students aremost interested in functionality, rather than the high-end finishesthat designers/architects li...