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    At CCSU we had been decorating the building with Christmas items in the '80's.  At some point, in the early '90's we stopped this because of concerns for other groups who were not represented during that time, or did not have the opportunity to decorate at times important to them.  When I became director, I wanted to bring that "feel" back to the Student Cent...
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    1. Is it a seperate space from you Student Activities Office?  Nope!  Ours is located just past the front desk of our office in its own room.  It actually is situated as the second thing you run into in our office.

    2. What is the operating budget?  We are given a budget of 10,000 dollars each year from our student governance with the express directions to try an...
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    We first started doing winter decorations in2015, and we consulted with multiple cultural groups anddepartments before proceeding.  We primarily asked thosegroups for feedback on whether or not we should decorate atall.  The feedback was resoundingly positive; the groupsdidn’t have any issue with the decorations, so long asopportunities were a...
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    Connect with Lenny Koupal at MN State University, Mankato. The Centennial Student Union has banners that we put up on the main level of our building that honors many faith traditions.

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    Our Union is working to do more for seasons and holidays. Looking at winter holidays, we want to do some decorating but make sure we are doing it in a way that doesn't look like Christmas only. Does anyone have something they do with decorating space for winter holidays that's inclusive? Thanks!
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    Hey I know some people utilize block scheduling for some of their rooms and we are wondering if this is or can be done through EMS or is this always a separate form that people have to fill out?

    Does anyone have any advice for implementing block scheduling for a majority of thier meeting rooms or is this only done in a few specific types of rooms?