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    Mark Johnson at Bridgewater State oversaw the theater in the campus center, when I interned there. He helped run an "arts festival" on the loading dock. Not sure if they still do this - or if he would be the contact, as he's now in the events department.
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    Our office has a golf cart - as do many across campus. The majority have been purchased by facilities (2 seaters with a truck bed) and admissions/recruitment (8 passenger). There are maybe two dozen in total, mostly all electric. They are purchased and stored by each department, maintenance is offered through our facilities fleet managers, which also m...
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    It's a battle but we discourage use of Venmo because it is really for person to person and not for groups. They claim they don't report transactions but there has to be some tax reporting.

    We have Paypal for non-profits (which owns venmo) and their fees are less than UTix but still high for very small sales. Paypal non-profit is 2.2% plus $.30 per item.

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    For those wanting to get directly involved with COMP please use the following link:
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    Would anyone be willing to share their insight on Ad Astra vs. EMS ? Anyone who has used both and could give pros/cons of each and their overall experience would be awesome too!
    We have been entertaining the option of using either of these systems to replace our homebrew reservation system on campus and would like to gather some feedback data to help support...
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    Looking for feedback on air walls in multipurpose rooms. Do you charge groups for closing/opening air walls during their event when they have the entire (all sections) room reserved? Do you allow this? 
    Thank you