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    Good morning. Here at West Texas A&M we do check out some equipment but it is the stuff that is easily replaceable or it is for student organizations for on campus events. The student org equipment was purchased from student fees and was purchased for that specific reason. 

    Our check process if that the client fills out a qualtrics survey and when they are do...
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    Sorry for the delay in getting back with you all. Thank you for the advice. over the last week, we had a tech here doing the programming for the creatron system. The entire system and it looks and works so much better. We will see how the new programming helps or hurts the screen adjustment. 

    The screens are Draper screens. They are screens that are at least 15 y...
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    Hello all! 

    Before we start in on fall quarter my team and I have an opportunity to change how AV equipment (mics, speakers, projectors, sound consoles, truss) are checked out and I wanted to ask the group what different ways you all do it and what works and what doesn’t. 

    Currently all of our reservations are made in 25Live. We support both on and off campus g...
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    Hello! Below is a message from our UNLV Student Union & Event Services Intern, Stephany. She is currently working on a research projects for us around technology offerings in Student Unions and other conference centers. If you have a few minutes to fill out a survey for her that would be great! Please see her original e-mail below: 
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    We have a few different efforts going on at UW-Platteville.  Our campus Sustainability Department has a link to a ride sharing program they are using called Zimride. I do not know how popular this is with students and how often it is used.

    Although not an electronic method, we at the Student Ce...
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    Hello Joe,

    I realize this topic was a long time ago, but I am wondering about bringing it back around as I am looking for new cable covers in our ballroom with wood parque flooring.  Like you, we have used big rubber carpet mats and I would like something a bit nicer.