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  • 1.  Esports Facility Hours and Rentals

    Posted 06-20-2024 09:16

    Hi everyone,

    We are looking at opening a new Esports facility in Lowell for the Spring of 2025. As we move to open the space I was hoping to see what hours others have for their Esports facilities.

    I was also hoping to see what kind of equipment (if any) you loan/rent in your spaces?  I know students are very particular about peripheral options (headset, keyboard and mouse) and wanted to see if anyone had anything they recommended. 

    Thanks in advance!

    Adam Dunbar
    Director - Student Center and Gaming Operations
    University of Massachusetts Lowell
    Lowell MA
    (978) 934-5089

  • 2.  RE: Esports Facility Hours and Rentals

    Posted 28 days ago
    Adam, our Nexus Lounge opened in October 2023 and so we are still learning about our space, what students want, etc. Happy to talk with you directly or connect you with the person who manages it day to day. We don't rent/loan any peripherals - we provide everything at each station. We took the advice from our Esports Club on what to purchase. Rarely, a few students do bring in their own mouse, keyboard, headset, etc. if they are very particular. Here's the link with some photos and our hours:

    Corbin J. Smyth, Ed.D.
    Executive Director
    Norris University Center
    Northwestern University

  • 3.  RE: Esports Facility Hours and Rentals

    Posted 27 days ago

    Hi Adam, 

    My name is Adam Pallas, I'm the Coordinator for Gaming Programs at the University of Colorado Boulder. We opened our Alienware Buffalo Esports and Gaming Lounge in January 2024. We have 19 PC setups, 3 laptops, and a console area for a Switch, XBOX, and PS5. For PC peripherals, each setup has its own keyboard, mouse, headset, and monitor. We don't loan/rent out equipment, though we do charge an hourly rate (or month/semester pass) to use the PCs after a 10-day free trial for students. Very sparingly (maybe 5 students in the past six months) will someone bring their own mouse. If someone brings in their own peripheral equipment, I inspect the device before they can plug it into the PC. The vast majority of users are excited to use the state-of-the-art equipment provided in the Gaming Lounge. Students do have their preferences for what they want to use, so I'll always advocate for polling students involved in esports or PC gaming generally about what they prefer. Ideally, their preference aligns with budgets and existing institutional tech contracts!

    More information about operating hours, rates, and hardware in our Gaming Lounge can be found on our website:

    Happy to discuss more about esports/gaming lounge operations!

    Adam Pallas
    Coordinator of Gaming Programs
    University of Colorado
    Boulder CO
    (303) 492-5672