New Co-Lead Introduction!

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New Co-Lead Introduction!

Posted by Darin Martin on May 29, 2019 7:41 am

Hello everybody! My name is Darin Martin, and I am excited to join Veronica as one of your co-leads for this Community of Practice! I currently work at the University of Michigan as a program advisor within the Center for Campus Involvement, under our University Unions. My role consists of advising a collection of largely performance based organizations and helping other student organizations and student employees in the planning and execution of large-scale performances and events. This can include all aspects of production (sound/lighting/security, etc..), facility management, and program specific details/content development.

I was born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan before attending the University of Michigan as a first-generation college student for my Undergraduate degree in music and performing arts management. Throughout my undergraduate, I served as a research assistant for Student Life, and I began to realize how my involvement in student organizations, including the Michigan Marching Band, truly shaped my experience and left the largest impact on me. For that reason, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Higher Education with a focus on student access and success.

We have the privilege of having such a broad content area, and I am excited to explore how all of our expertise fits together! To jump off Veronica’s initial question, knowing that our content area is so broad, would you all find it beneficial to have a spreadsheet/index of members of this community and the specific work areas they have experience in (i.e. facility management, program planning, student employee supervision, etc..). We realize that there are other communities of practice that focus on many of these categories and that much of this information can be found on individual profiles through ACUI’s website, but we wonder if having an easily accessible way for you all to connect with these members of our community without having to search too far would be beneficial?

I am excited to explore this community with all of you, hoping to connect all facets of program management (facility use, program planning, student employee supervision, student volunteer advisement, etc…).

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Re: New Co-Lead Introduction!

Posted by Veronica Perondi on May 29, 2019 10:36 am

Yasss! Really excited to do this with you, Darin! I know we'll have a good year building up this community!