Transitioning from Engage to Presence

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Transitioning from Engage to Presence

Posted by Michael Schmit on Mar 18, 2019 10:51 pm

Our campus is about to go through a rapid transition from Engage to Presence, this after a less than ideal transition from OrgSync to Engage in 2018. 

My understanding is that a number of campuses have been exploring transitioning from Engage, including a recent thread related to group management without a third party platform. 

With all the recent change, has anyone successfully moved in a way that we are currently exploring? Any wisdom that you can provide would be beneficial. 

Also interested if anyone uses Presence to manage organization rosters with a connection to EMS, a process we had working to OrgSync, and have spent months working on for Engage only to have our goal shift drastically. 

Thanks, Mike 
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Re: Transitioning from Engage to Presence

Posted by Veronica Perondi on May 28, 2019 10:57 am

Hi Mike,

Here at SDSU, we use Presence as an event attendance tracking and statistics analysis application, more than an organization roster management. I remember when we were first being introduced to Presence and trained on it's capacity, we were told that organizations could register and keep track of co-curricular activities. It just never caught on and student orgs don't use it, even to look at upcoming events. 

Student Life and Leadership manage student organizations and I believe the system we use (Event Approval System, soon to be Event Application System) is home grown, it does not sync with Presence. It does sync with EMS. 

Have you started using Presence? 

- Veronica