Student Org Event Approval Process

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Student Org Event Approval Process

Posted by Kaitlyn Howarth on Feb 21, 2019 3:55 pm

Hi Everyone!  

I am looking for information on student org event approval.  If you have a process on your campus that you use for student orgs to receive approval and/or funding to have an event on campus, could you share it with me at  We want to make the event planning process as smooth as possible for our students, so any insight you can provide would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Re: Student Org Event Approval Process

Posted by Angelica McLean on Feb 26, 2019 12:55 pm

Hey Kaitlyn - 

I work in the Student Activities & Organizations (SAO) office here at Purdue. We currently use Campus Labs - on our end it's BoilerLink. We utilize BoilerLink to review activities/events on-campus from all our 900+ organizations. I've listed requirements below that are communicated to orgs throughout the year...

1. All activities/events must be submitted 14 days (two weeks) prior to date of proposed event // concerts - 90 days // domestic trips - 30 days & international trips - 90 days 
2. Based on how you answer questions on your Activity Planning Form (APF), various campus partners will be tagged (Purdue Police, Risk Management/food, Purdue Memorial Union Hospitality Services, Business Office of Student Organizations (BOSO), etc.) 
3. If your event is flagged as "high risks", we will require organization to attend our weekly "Campus Safety Committee Meeting" where campus partners will attend to evaluate activity and ensure that organization is following all necessary Purdue policies and procedures. It's like a presentation forum for organization 

Our staff of six will review APFs as they come in daily. We have anywhere between 50-300 events in the system at all times. Campus partners review as necessary based on if they are "tagged" on the APF. Our office, SAO is the FINAL approval before an event will approved to be hosted on or off campus. Our office also denies APFs if they are not completed properly, incorrect details (date, time, location, expenses/income, etc.), cancelled for whatever reason, etc. Organizations can re-submit the same form with necessary changes if we deny the form. Our office also utilizes a Google document that has every response under the sun for when we are responding/reviewing APFs in BoilerLink, just so our message/response is consistent no matter who is reviewing the forms/APFs. 

Our BoilerLink contact is Kim Joy, She has really worked with CampusLabs to create some additional features for our Activity Planning Form (APF) process we use. I'd highly suggest reaching out her to directly if you want to know the back-end details on BoilerLink. If you'd like to chat more, feel free to reach out to me at Happy to chat via phone anytime as well. 

"High Risk" Events include: 

1.   Large scale events (does the event include the following)

a.   Attendance greater than 500; and will the venue and location requested hold the estimated attendance submitted?

2.   Concerts – with hired “professional entertainers” (other than local bands/performers)

3.   High Profile Entertainers (PUPD: someone who would have the ability to bring in a large and/or off campus (non student) crowd.  Also any act that would be dealing with concerning props such as flash pots, etc. Risk Management: individuals/groups that would require a heightened level of security or who might draw a larger than normal crowd.”

a.   Speakers

b.   Magicians

c.    Hypnotists (Possibility of hypnotizing members of the audience inadvertently).

4.   Political Events (Not local gubernatorial candidates.)

a.   National candidates

b.   Political fundraisers for national candidates

5.   Competitions (PUPD has approved three routes for runs; however any 5K that may wish to make dramatic changes to their route that would cause them to cross major streets, involve materials such as color or any other substance where we would need an MSDS, or would operate outside of the normal daylight hours such as Glow Runs.)

a.   5K races

b.   Color Runs

c.    Mud Runs

d.   Fire Fighter Events

e.   Triathlons

f.        Specialized equipment involved in the competition, i.e. chain saws; knives; large equipment to be set up.

g.    Physical altercations

6.   Residence Hall Events held “outside”

a.   Block Parties

b.   Multiple activities listed at one event, i.e. inflatables; local bands; food; competitions.

7.   Fundraisers

a.   Vendor Sales which may include demonstrations that involve setting up equipment on campus.

b.   Equipment questions:

                                                             i. When the space was reserved was SMAS or approving department told this equipment was coming?

                                                            ii. Footprint (size of space required)

                                                          iii. Weight

                                                          iv. Electrical needs

                                                            v. Water needs

                                                          vi. Drop and pick up times for equipment

                                                        vii. Security (day or night)

                                                      viii. Port-a-Johns

8.   Rental of Equipment (Inflatables)

a.   Some inflatable amusement equipment may need to be inspected by the State of Indiana as a “Regulated Amusement Ride.”  The vendor will need to check and verify that this has been done before the equipment may be set up on campus.

                                                             i. Mechanical Bulls

                                                            ii. Zip Lines

                                                          iii. Various other games

b.   Inflatable amusement equipment shall be obtained from a member of the “Safe Inflatables Training Organization.”

9.   Events with stages; tents or a large quantity of outdoor equipment.

10.  New or novel activities

11.  Fireworks or Pyrotechnics

12.  Simulated Weapons or Firearms


Re: Student Org Event Approval Process

Posted by William Harcleroad on Feb 27, 2019 5:21 pm

SUNY Oneonta also used Engage by Campus Labs for our event approvals. We don't require as much lead time but do require seven days for fundraisers.
When they post the event they are asked a series of questions to decide who should review the submission.
  1. Type of organization - determines whether reviewed by res life, Greek life, Union, ...
  2. Fundraising? If so, then reviewed by Director of the Union
  3. LEAD credit? If so, then director of activities and leadership
  4. Using copyrighted works? How are they obtaining rights? If so, reviewed by director of activities and leadership
  5. Athletic Style Event? Who is the Safety Officer on hand? If so, reviewed by appropriate cohort (as in 1)
We can manually add reviewers such as University Police or Maintenance if there are further questions.


Re: Student Org Event Approval Process

Posted by Kyle Fayan on Mar 5, 2019 1:35 pm

Hi Kait,

We do not offer funding to student groups, as we do not have an activities fee for that purpose. All student groups must fund raise, charge admission or co-sponsor with another group that does have funds. Consequentially, we charge the minimum of fees to student groups (costs of linens, extended operational hours, labor and any work orders required for additional resources).

I've attached our OrgSync Event and Solicitation Request form, sorry that it might be difficult to read. It is lengthy, but extremely robust. Our reservationists generally do not need to reach out to collect additional information.
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