Event Management Training for Student Organizations

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Event Management Training for Student Organizations

Posted by Shannon Daly on Dec 13, 2018 12:11 pm

Hello all!

We are in the process of developing event management training for student organizations.  If you have a few extra minutes as things (hopefully!) slow down for winter break, we would greatly appreciate your answers to the questions below.  Feel free to respond here or email me directly at daly.166@osu.edu.
  • What office(s) facilitate event management training?
  • How many reservable spaces does this training apply to?
  • How many student organizations are registered on your campus?
  • Is event management training online, in person, or a hybrid?
  • Is event management training required to book space on campus?
  • Do you offer incentives to student organizations to participate in training?
  • What subjects does your training cover (i.e. how to make a reservation, Union policies, event management tips, etc.)?
  • What time of year is training offered?
  • Were you on staff when training was introduced?  How has the training made an impact on your campus?
  • Is there anything unique or anything else you want to share about your event management training?

Thank you in advance!

Shannon Daly
Buckeye Event Network/Classrooms Coordinator
Ohio Union

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