OZZI reusable food container program

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OZZI reusable food container program

Posted by Gail Sutton on Dec 10, 2018 12:35 pm

(CROSS-POSTING to several lists to get various input - apologies in advance if you're seeing this multiple times).

If you currently have the OZZI reusable food container program in operation on your campus, could you share what your experience has been.  Any lessons learned after operationalizing it? 

Please describe the steps involved (from a customer perspective) - does the customer bring the container to the food server staff from somewhere else OR do the food servers just keep the clean containers at their serving stations and use that container upon request of the customer?  And is the coin given to the food server or to the cashier as the customer exits the facility with the reusable container in hand?  Is there clear operating instructions on the face of the machine to instruct people to not return containers full of food waste into the machine?  How quickly does a machine fill up with used containers?  Any challenges to using the wireless option rather than wired connection for the data? 

Please note, what is the size of your campus and appx. how many consumers are choosing to use this program at your school.  Also, what incentive is being offered to encourage use? 

Gail Sutton
Director, Programs & Student Life
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Re: OZZI reusable food container program

Posted by Rachel Wussow on Dec 14, 2018 10:13 am

Here is our website:  https://www.uwgb.edu/union/meal-plans/ozzi-machine/

We have it setup in our system that every person gets 2 complimentary OZZI tokens.  After 2, they must purchase a token for $5.  The token is handed to the cashier who will hand the patron a container.  The patron fills the container and exits the dining hall.  They are not allowed to eat prior to filling the container.   

There are instructions on the machine asking that all food waste be removed & there is a garbage can next to the machine, however we do receive containers with food waste.   I have asked that the machine be emptied once per day but that isn’t always happening.  We do get emails when the machine is opened, full or the chute is blocked. 
From Tammy Olp from UWGB Assistant Director-Business Operations – University Union olpt@uwgb.edu