Disclaimers for speakers on campus

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Disclaimers for speakers on campus

Posted by Meghan Harr on Aug 28, 2018 3:56 pm

Hi All,

I've been asked by our Dean of Students to research disclaimer-type language that schools are using at the start of speakers? Something like "the views of the speaker are not the views of the university." Are any of you doing this? If so, what language do you use?

Also, what language are people adding/or have in their space policies to address this?

Feel free to respond over the listserv or email me at mharr@odu.edu.


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Re: Disclaimers for speakers on campus

Posted by Jeff Pelletier on Aug 29, 2018 6:00 pm

Hi Meghan-
Here is the content of what we refer to as our "shout-out" policy. It's been vetted through our Legal Affairs department as well.
--Jeff Pelletier
Ohio Union Operations & Events

Thank you for attending this program. The Ohio State University strives to create a truly open forum in which diverse opinions can be expressed and heard.
It is the right of members of the University community and invited guests to express their views and opinions at the University. We will protect the rights of individuals to speak, and the rights of those members of the University community who wish to hear and communicate with an invited speaker.
Protesters also have a right to express their opposition to a speaker in appropriate ways, both within the confines of this building and outside the facility. However, protesters must not interfere unduly with communication between a speaker and members of the audience. If the hosts of this event or University representatives believe that protestors are interfering unduly with a speaker’s freedom of expression, those protestors will be warned. If the warnings are not heeded and the interference continues, then the individuals responsible may be removed from the building.