Game Room/Snack Shop P.O.S. System Recomendations

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Game Room/Snack Shop P.O.S. System Recomendations

Posted by Charles Amerson on May 15, 2018 10:46 am

Greetings Colleagues,

I am looking for recommendations for a new all in one P.O.S. system for my game room and snack shop areas.  Functions should include the ability to link inventories between terminals, keep billard table time, differentiate between payment types (cash, credit/debit, etc.) provide sales for pre-packaged food and drinks, provide robust sales reports, have individualized staff log-ins and a company that can provide reliable customer service.  We would also like the ability to demo the product and have a test environment for training purposes.  

Thank you in advance for any suggestions that you may have.

Charles Amerson
Director of Student Centers, University of Hartford

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Re: Game Room/Snack Shop P.O.S. System Recomendations

Posted by Gillian Perry on May 16, 2018 9:43 am

Hi, Charles!

I'm curious what responses you get on this - I've been on the hunt for a new system this year. We currently use something called PoolHouse that meets all of those functions but doesn't have great support nor has it been updated in a long time. I am looking at changing our system for game tracking so we can use a more traditional inventory management system (we are looking at Vend pretty hard right now) but I would love some suggestions as well. Last time I asked most folks had homegrown systems they had created on their campuses. 



Re: Game Room/Snack Shop P.O.S. System Recomendations

Posted by Olivia Lynch on May 16, 2018 1:05 pm

We are also looking for a new system for our recreational center. We have a juicebar in the back and we have pool tables, ping pong tables, board games, and a foosball table. We are currently using Asset Tiger to sign out equipment but we need a better pos system. My issue is that any pos system must be intergrated with There are very few that use that gateway.

Re: Game Room/Snack Shop P.O.S. System Recomendations

Posted by Jason Levy on May 17, 2018 8:02 am

Hi all.  We use a system called AimSi from TriTech in our game room, cinema and graphics media center
We have had the system forever and for the past few years, we haven't done any updates or upgrades, and we have been basically non-supported.
This year, they released an upgrade/update that addresses some of our concerns, and there is another update coming in the next few months that will further improve the system.  It will add real database support and increase multi-point sales efficiency.

We just got the approval to upgrade and will be doing so in the coming weeks.  We also just got new computers for all of the point of sale locations and will be updating to Win10.

The software is good at all the bits people are asking for.  It can do timing of table or other game play, it can manage inventory and actually has more functionality than we use at this point,
It is a client server based system - one computer is set up to host the "server" side of the software and the other point to it across the network.
Our "server" is a standard PC in our concessions area as that one is used the least as a POS location.

They have a great service team and we get excellent support from them as well.  They are quick to help when we call and offer solutions to our needs.
Kait Howarth is the expert on the day use and management of the system for us.  If you have more specific questions, drop her a line at

Hope that helps.  Happy hunting all.