Emergency Procedures Guide/Flip Chart headings

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Emergency Procedures Guide/Flip Chart headings

Posted by Michael Schmit on Dec 18, 2018 12:05 pm

Hello All,

I am working up the development of a new emergency procedures guide/filp chart document focused on our Union building, and I am curious what headings different institutions use for this document. As I search the web, I see publicly available documents for various colleges and universities, but no specific Union/Student Center material.

I have a great deal of content for this, just trying to decide on my dozen or so selected headers. Things like Emergency Numbers, Fire, and Bomb Threat seem like universal items; but every other plan has slightly different headers. Also, since we are on the shores of Lake Michigan, I doubt that I will include Earthquake or Tsunami sections (I include Zombie Apocalypse in my emergency training, but doubt that will make the list).

Since our campus does not have a standard document, I am hoping community members may have something to share.

Thanks, Mike 
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Re: Emergency Procedures Guide/Flip Chart headings

Posted by Dan Foley on Dec 18, 2018 12:53 pm

We're in the process of finalizing this (see attached) type of design for our building(s). We broke it down into specific areas and included primary/secondary means of egress at each location. Pretty handy, and specific enough to convey the basics. We're framing and hanging these in January.
I've also attached a black & white scan of our older emergency flipbook. It's been updated more recently, but the file is on our marketing server, which I don't have access to at the moment. We do still give these out to staff and students. The one thing I've found with the flipbook, is that despite having "DO NOT FILE" on the cover, it tends to end up in the bottom of people's desks. That's why we moved to a wall mounted one sheet...

Hope this helps,
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Re: Emergency Procedures Guide/Flip Chart headings

Posted by Michael Schmit on Dec 18, 2018 1:29 pm

Thanks Dan, both of these are a huge help. I have a one sheet project too, I hope to have the two documents developed to complement each other, with the one sheet posted as you noted, and the flip chart used in training.