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Posted by Nicholas Rachowicz on Jun 5, 2018 9:52 am

Hello All-
I am looking for information about AEDs.

I am being quoted on Code Blue options (Campus Blue Light system). This would do the job and would give the building the safety lights similar to what you would find in the parking lot.  I believe this is over-kill for what we need in the student center. The code blue AED poles are quoted to me at $7500 each with no AED included but they can talk back to the PD. This is a good safety option but I think it could make people think we need safety poles in the building... I don't want to send the signal the building is not safe or suggest guests will be able to find these in other buildings as they wouldn't.

I am looking for something that is more simple. Essentially, I am trying to find the following: an AED box, an audiable alarm speaker, and a strobe light (similar to a fire alarm) with a connection to the police department- I'd love for them to be able to speak to the person accessing the unit but we are heavily cameraed and the police could easily find the situation in the building from the dispatch center.

What I am trying to find looks like this picture:


While I wait for info from this university, does anyone else have something similar or are others using Code Blue?  Do you have your AED alarmed? If so, is it local or connect to the police?

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Re: AEDs

Posted by Trinity Gonzalez on Jun 21, 2018 9:12 am

Hi Nicholas, 
I think I might have an option for you that is even more simplified that what you suggested. Our AEDs do not require any external power and run on batteries. There is an AED coordinator in our Environmental Health and Safety office who monitors the battery and pad expiration dates. He also replaces those items when needed. I test our batteries monthly. They are mounted in a case that is not alarmed on a wall that is easily seen and accessed by staff or the public. The thought here is we want anyone to be able to utilize them in order to potentially safe a life. The model is Powerheart G3 Plus ( If this is something you'd be interested in, I can get more infor from our AED guy. 

Re: AEDs

Posted by Filip Pongratz on Jun 21, 2018 11:50 am

Hi Nicholas - We purchase through They have everything you need with the exception of the connection to the police from the quick search I found. My office is responsible for three battery operated AEDs in wall mounted units in the building with monthly checks and the check sheet is included in a binder in each cabinet. We use the audible alarm option only. Just in case you have not considered this, we developed our process in conjunction with our Chief of Emergency Services at Temple University Hospital. If you have a similar person at your University within Campus Safety you may want to ask the question as to whether there is a standard AED unit on campus or asking your local emergency services what AED units they use. Having compatibility between local services and the university is a good way to go if it can be afforded. All my staff receive Red Cross AED/CPR training on an annual basis (despite the 2 year certification).

Filip Pongratz
Associate Director, Student Center Operations
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