Training Student Staff in Short Period of Time

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Training Student Staff in Short Period of Time

Posted by Mandi Bryson on Mar 27, 2018 11:04 am

As administrators within in the union, how do you train your student workers to handle different types of emergencies when there is so much to cover in a short period of time? Our biggest challenge is we are not allowed to do any sort of “real-life” training (other than a fire drill) – everything has to be table-top.
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Re: Training Student Staff in Short Period of Time

Posted by Belinda Arredondo on Mar 28, 2018 5:57 pm

We have required trainings at least once a semester for our student staff.  At each training we cover Activie Shooter Training, bomb, and weather related trainings.  We watch the video that our police department has put together and we have a Police Officer speak to the Students.  Because we do an extensive training at the beginning of the semester we quickly go over at all the other trainings for that semester.  If you do not get to do any "real-Life" training they will at least have basic training.  Any training is better than no training.  

Re: Training Student Staff in Short Period of Time

Posted by Trinity Gonzalez on Mar 29, 2018 9:47 am

My situation is very similar to Belinda's. Training is something that I've had a hard time nailing down since being at FSU because it seems like every semester when we get folks trained, many on our staff find other opportunties and leave so we are hiring on the fly and squeezing in training when we can. When we cover risk/emergency management, I go over the FSU PD active shooter training (FIRE--Flee, Inform, Reinforce, Engage) if we don't have the time to have officers come do their full program. I also make sure our building managers are trained to use the AEDs that we have in our buildings along with basic CPR training. We cover weather related emergencies, and I ensure each staff member is signed up for FSU Alerts. We also talk about bomb threats, suspiscious persons/activity, maintenance emergencies, and the fire evac plan. Everything is table-top, except for our annual fire drill, because we've been told that a simulation would not be possible for active shooter training.  

Re: Training Student Staff in Short Period of Time

Posted by Brian Koehler on May 4, 2018 6:24 pm

We have conducted 1 Active Shooter simulation in coordination of our Campus Police, County Sheriff, and local PD - we closed the facility off to the public for 2 hours during Winter break in order to conduct the scenario.

We will be conducting a larger simulation also including the WA State Police, local EMS, local fire along with the above mentioned agencies - we will close down for half a day during our Summer break in order to accomodate the drill.

I offer to conduct safety / evacuation tours with the offices and departments in our facility each quarter - and require our operations staff (Event Support, Informaton Booth, and Custodial) to shadow a building manager for at least 1 closing shift before they are allowed to work a complete shift on their own.  That helps a great deal with familiarity of the facility and evacuation procedures.

One of the activities during our annual staff orientation is an evacuation relay - where teams made up of members from each department run time trials to see who can "evacuate" the building without missing any "customers" - we allow other teams to place balloons somewhere in a meeting space or lounge seating area. 

Quarterly safety themed scavenger hunts work well too.  It also helps to ensure my AEDs, first aid kits, and fire extinguishers are regularly inspected:)  I've begun to build in our ADA buttons and assistive listen systems to help expand tasks - I have a lot of return staff from quarter to quarter and even year to year.

I hope this helps!