Feminine Products - free distribution in public restrooms

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Feminine Products - free distribution in public restrooms

Posted by Gail Sutton on Feb 6, 2018 12:24 pm

I have a group of students that is very interested in pursuing how to insure that quality feminine products are provided without charge in university facilities/public restrooms.  On our campus, in the Honors College, there is a faculty member that personally buys feminine products and supplies them in the women's restroom in that building for anyone to use as needed.  The students think this is a great idea and would like to see the university adopt a similar practice in all public restrooms in campus buildings - in the student center and beyond. 

​Are there other campuses that are providing these supplies as a free service?  In particular, student union facilities, but also in other types of buildings.  Are student activities fees funding this service or other university operating funds?  Is this coordinated by each individual facility manager and they provide at their own discretion/methodology or is it done in a universal way/method of distribution by the university facilities/custodial staff? 

I anticipate there being challenges to offering something like this at the Georgia State University Atlanta campus as we are situated in the midst of midtown Atlanta and our campus facilities are intermingled with a variety of city streets and other non-university buildings in a very urban setting, but by way of this inquiry I'll provide the information to the students to use as reference models for how it has worked (or not) at other campuses.

​Information on successes and failures would be useful.  I will cross-post this message in the Facilties & Operations forum and the Women's forum areas. 
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