Disclaimers for speakers on campus

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Disclaimers for speakers on campus

Posted by Meghan Harr on Aug 28, 2018 3:58 pm

Hi All,

I've been asked by our Dean of Students to research disclaimer-type language that schools are using at the start of speakers? Something like "the views of the speaker are not the views of the university." Are any of you doing this? If so, what language do you use?

Also, what language are people adding/or have in their space policies to address this?

Feel free to respond over the listserv or email me at mharr@odu.edu.


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Re: Disclaimers for speakers on campus

Posted by Boyd Beckwith on Aug 28, 2018 4:45 pm

Hi Meghan,

At Georgia State University we do not currently use any disclaimer type langue for our speakers, nor is it in our space policies, except where we let unaffiliated clients know that "Licensee may not use Georgia State University logos or registered marks except as agreed to in writing by Licensor’s Department of University Communications. I will be curious to see what others are doing.