transitioning to a smoke free campus

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transitioning to a smoke free campus

Posted by Michael Schmit on Jul 10, 2018 11:45 am

Hi All

Just wondering if anyone can share experiences with the implementation of a smoke free campus policy change. This is obviously an issue that goes beyond the college union, but I value any experiences that you all may have.

Thanks, Mike 
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Re: transitioning to a smoke free campus

Posted by Boyd Beckwith on Jul 10, 2018 4:28 pm

Hi Michael,

Georgia State University was designated as a "smoke free" campus in 2012 prior to my arrival in 2013. However, we still struggle with implementation/enforcement. It has been a recurring issue with our Student Government Administration. One issue is the fact that our Atlanta campus is intertwined with city of Atlanta sidewalks where smoking is not prohibited and the other is that there is a popular outdoor gathering area as well as main thoroughfare on university property where students gather to smoke right next to the smoke free campus signs.

Here is a resource that our institution provided when they transitioned to "smoke free":

I hope this helps,

Re: transitioning to a smoke free campus

Posted by Benjamin Perlman on Jul 11, 2018 8:37 am

     These are some things that were just top of mind from Emory's transition in 2012.
- Consider working role plays into staff training regarding discussing the policy with people smoking outside. Staff, especially student staff, were really nervous in confronting folks on our grounds.
 - On our campus, this also meant removing all outdoor receptacles for butts.  So, whoever is responsible for outdoor cleaning may see a large increase in butts on the ground, we did. If you do groundskeeping in-house, you may need to allow a little more time for your staff to do that. If outsourced you'll need to discuss expectations with your providor.
- The biggest HR issue was (and still is) related to staff who are smokers and smoke breaks. Our university center happens to be in short walking distance of the only city road that runs through campus (our policy bans smoking on university property, including our sidewalks, and technically, in your car on a university-maintained road), so our staff can run up to the city road on a break.  Many other areas are far away from this road and managers have expressed concern about time lost to smoke breaks.
- Make sure you build the policy into contracts for camps, conferences, and when hiring contractors.  We have a lot of issues with contractors violating the ban and its helpful to have it in the contract.

Ben Perlman
Director, University Center
Emory University