Bio-metric Clock-in/out

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Bio-metric Clock-in/out

Posted by James Van Roekel on Nov 27, 2018 5:18 pm


We are looking for a bio-metric solution to allow our students to clock-in and out with fingerprints/etc/etc.  Thoughts?  Anyone using something like this?

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Re: Bio-metric Clock-in/out

Posted by Brandon Clinton on Nov 28, 2018 9:12 am

Hi James,

We use a biometric time clock from Acroprint. for our 45 student employees who work in 2 separate buildings. The model we use is now older  (TQ600b), but they have a few newer variants now.  One challenge we've seen is that the fingerprint reader can get cloudy, and then makes clocking in and out difficult. This can be caused by any number of foreign substances that are on an employees finger when they clock in or out, and builds up over time.  The ideal version would have a glass fingerprint pad versus a plastic one to eliminate this challenge, and can be more easily cleaned. . Acroprint does offer some facial recognition devices too, which i would think wouldn't have the issues we've seen as a result of the cloudy print reader.

Best of luck!

Brandon Clinton
Office Manager Sakowich Campus Center
Merrimack College