Campus Wide: Room Reservation System

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Campus Wide: Room Reservation System

Posted by Suzy Gray on Nov 1, 2018 12:01 pm

We're in the process of choosing a campus-wide, room reservation system, at The University of the Incarnate Word, in San Antonio, TX. In the beginning, our system will be used for campus special events, with the idea of adding the academic component at a later date.  A couple of us from UIW will be at the Region 2 ACUI Conference in Denton, next week.  I'd really like to learn about the system you are using at your University and how you like it. 
  • Does it integrate with add-ons, such as 7-Point? 
  • How's the provider's Customer Service when you have a challenge?
  • How did your Campus Community accept the new system? What was their learning curve like?
  • Does it play well with other campus vendors like Sodexo or Aramark?  
  • Can you link in your campus A/V department on a reservation?
  • And anything else I don't even know I should be asking about...
Please let me know if you're available to chat for a few minutes.  Your coffee will be on me. smiley


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Re: Campus Wide: Room Reservation System

Posted by Filip Pongratz on Nov 1, 2018 12:20 pm

Hi Suzy - at Temple University we currently use EMS but not campus wide. However my responses would be the same. I will not be at the R2 conference so:

EMS syncs with 7 Point Ops and we use that system as well. It has worked great for us and our Event Staff. There are other good discussions on the pros of 7 Point Ops on the forum. The biggest hurdle I would say is the cost.

EMS has a call center or online ticket support. Both have worked well for me and 99% of my issues have been fixed same day. 7 Point Ops has been a same or next day email response and also very customer service friendly from my experience.

Acceptance of EMS for online reservations was a non-issue from my point of view. Some people take longer than others to get comfortable with the system but I would not say it is difficult to learn. Make some videos or other types of tutorials and it works out fine.

If Sodexo or Aramark are using cater trax or equivalent then it does not sync with those systems I believe.

AV departments can be given accounts on the desktop client to view reservation requests or have automated reports sent to them when a reservation is made that requires their services. This can also be done for other auxiliary services.

I think EMS is typically more expensive than 25Live from what I have been told. The latter is hosted online only and does not work well with non-university employees. TU is going through a possible transition to campus wide use of 25Live and authentication to the system for non-TU people is not possible from what we were told. At least with the online component of EMS non-TU can create an account for login purposes.

There should be a lot of other posts on the comparisons of the two softwares here as well so try to search them for additional feedback.


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Re: Campus Wide: Room Reservation System

Posted by Megan Ward on Nov 6, 2018 1:40 pm

At WTAMU we use EMS. I will be at the Region 2 conference if you'd like to meet and chat. We love EMS and it has been a great addition to our campus over the 4 years we have fully online and campus wide. We do not currently use 7 point ops but I know it integrates pretty well with EMS from conversations with colleagues.
Send me an email and lets have that coffee! :)

Megan Ward
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