Hello Sustainability COP!

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Hello Sustainability COP!

Posted by Jordy Dickey on May 25, 2019 12:21 pm

Hello Sustainability COP! 

My name is Jordy Dickey and I serve as the Assistant Director of Student Union at Baylor University.  I am incredibly excited to be one of your new community of practice co-leaders!!!  Over the next few weeks, myself and Laura Margaret Stevens from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee will be introducing ourselves and engaging the community with some seed questions to learn more about discussion items as well as resources that you would like to see implemented in our community.

One of the things I very much love about this community already is the rich legacy of professionals who deeply care about sustainable practices that make our world a better place.  Thank you to each of you for actively engaging in the conversation and providing resources that strengthen our knowledge and capacity to steward a sustainable environment.  A very special thank you also Krista, Charlotte, and Andrea for your commitment to this community!  We are excited and honored to continue your good work!

One of the seed questions I would like to plant, to gain the community's interest, revolves around hosting a monthly conversation showcasing sustainable practices paired with either an ACUI core competency or we could even partner up with another community of practice to idea share [example: best practices with sustainable technology].  Would this be an idea that interests you?

Here is some more context surrounding this idea...
My daily work not only deals with facilities but also campus programming.  I often find myself asking the question, are making the most sustainable choices in our program execution?  Does anyone have any knowledge or expertise on engaging campus programmers with mindful sustainable practices such as do you have trash, recycling, compost bins available at your events - indoor and outdoor?  Do you require print materials or ticketing to be online to reduce paper use?  Do you have water filling stations vs. handing out bottles of water?

By focusing on a topic per month, this would allow us to share our tangible knowledge and build a valuable resource library that not only we could use/grow but also share with the broader ACUI community.  Even typing this idea out is getting me excited about a potential ACUI 2020 Conference Presentation!

Would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
Until then, continue the good work and wishing you all the very best as you move towards wrapping up the academic year.

Best regards,

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Re: Hello Sustainability COP!

Posted by Laura Stevens on Jun 3, 2019 2:56 pm

I love the idea of hosting a monthly conversation that ties sustainable practices and an ACUI core competency together.  I also agree that working with other communities can add depth to a topic and provide more learning opportunities.   
The sustainaility folks at University of Wisconsin schools do a similar practice for our monthly calls.  We've selected a topic for each month and the topics typically relate to the time of the school year.  A few examples are energy policy changes, composting in dining areas, Earth Week programming, move-out initiatives, new building and construction policy, natural lawn care, and alternative transportation.  
I'm looking forward to hearing feedback from the group on topics you'd like to discuss throughout the year.