Thank you for the opportunity to be a Co-Chair of the Sustainability COP!

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Thank you for the opportunity to be a Co-Chair of the Sustainability COP!

Posted by Andrea Trevino on Jun 4, 2018 2:18 pm

Thank you Krista for the warm introduction! 

Greetings everyone, 

A little background information about myself: My name is Andrea Trevino, I have worked at the University of Houston Student Centers as professional staff for 4.5 years. Prior to these years, I was a student at UH and heavily involved as a student leader. I have been member of the Association of College Unions International for 2 years and am extremely passionate about the concept of Communities of Practice. If you all have not seen the movie Wall-E, then I highly recommend you watch as it was a driving force for me to look at my decisions in life as intentional and impactful. This leads into my "seed" question for this post: 

In our everyday lives we participate in mini communities of practice when we attend meetings. Some folks attend more meetings than others but we generally all attend a meeting at our prospective schools. At these meetings we express our ideas/thoughts/concerns and at times best practices therefore, we are participating in the exchange of information. I wanted pose a question to everyone in this forum on an article that I recently read: Thinking together: What makes Communities of Practice work? ( My question to you all is this: How do we as "like minded" individuals move towards being practitioners of our community of practice? 

I look forward to reading your thoughts/ideas. 


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