Discipline Process

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Discipline Process

Posted by Emily Schnier on Aug 12, 2019 2:45 pm

Hello everyone!

I think there was a post about this about a year ago, and wanted to see what other strategies you all have out there. 

1. What does your discipline process look like, do you do a point system, if so, how does it work?

2. How do you hold your staff accountable for coming to Fall and Spring Training and other mandatory trainings? We are having a large issue with staff not attending these mandatory trainings and our student leadership team is looking to ensure their staff show up to these trainings. 

Thank you!
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Re: Discipline Process

Posted by Madeleine Aborn on Aug 13, 2019 11:22 am

Hi Emily,

Our process is relatively subjective which has its pros and cons. We have a form (attached) where we document issues from 1st Offense with a verbal warning through 4th Offense. Their discipline reports do not zero out at the end of the year and if they move to a different position within our office the report moves with them  We are also clear that it's not necessarily an automatic termination at the fourth strike, just a conversation. It really depends on the severity of the issues and how recently they occurred, leaving final calls up to the supervisor. That said, there are some things (theft, arriving intoxicated, etc) that would warrant immediate termination.

We're facing similar issues of more and more students not attending mandatory trainings. Personally, if the student is missing training for an avoidable conflict like a family vacation, then they are written up but if it's something like the end of an internship then I require documentation from their other supervisor stating that the end date is non-negotiable. I'm not sure I'll continue this next year as it hasn't seemed to really reduce the number of absences. I'd love to hear what other people have had success with in this.

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Re: Discipline Process

Posted by Kiley Cinelli on Aug 14, 2019 9:02 am


I accidently posted and attached the wrong document the first time so I hope that it actually deleted (it was an employee write up instead of the contract). Whoops!

At The College of New Jersey, we use this employment contract for our staff.  When I email it out, I put the dates in the body of the email too. I also reach out twice over the summer as a reminder. I do not excuse staff if they signed the contract. We have an alternate pool of candidates that we pull from for any last minute staff changes. It has worked well the last two years. 
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