Student Staff Dress Code

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Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Shane Farmer on Jun 3, 2019 4:16 pm

Hey colleagues, 

I need a little help. I'm trying to update our handbook and really trying to think about the dress code for the staff. I do not want to go to a full uniform for them, especially since their shifts can sometimes only be one hour long. However, I do want to move away from them wearing gym clothes at the desk. Any suggestions on what you all do and how to phrase what I'm going for with the description. 


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Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Jeff Pelletier on Jun 3, 2019 5:20 pm

Hi Shane-
I tend to advocate for at least a partial uniform, no matter how short a shift may be. Even if you provide guidelines for what a student staff member should wear, there will always be room for interpretation, and what passes for "presentable" to a student may differ from your own opinions!
Having a polo and nametag that identifies them as a Trone staff member helps establish credibility and trust for your visitors and guests. It also would put your students in the mindset of work, even for that one hour, instead of that being a time "in between classes."

Our uniform is a polo or 1/4 zip with our branding, their nametag, and during the school year, long pants in all areas. We relax to shorts in the summer, but given your location you might opt to allow shorts during warmer months. You should outline what is considered acceptable for short and pants, without stipulating something specific. For instance, our supervisors do not allow excessively ripped jeans, sweatpants, or gym shorts/short shorts, and we do not allow baseball hats while on the clock. Many people on this CoP already know my feelings on leggings as pants, so I'll not open that pandora's box again.

Again, some of those regulations are relaxed if the student is assigned to a conversion crew setting up a ballroom or performance space, as the degree of movement often necessitates more comfortable attire. As those students are generally not client/guest facing, we can allow it.

I'd hope that your students would be proud to wear a branded item signifying their workplace. If the argument/complaint is about changing if they're heading to the gym after their shift, I know for a fact that gym clothes pack tightly in a backpack and add very little extra weight to the bag!

--Jeff Pelletier
Director of Ohio Union Operations and Events

Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Stephen McCay on Jun 3, 2019 5:38 pm

Here’s our dress code at Southern Miss. We require our polo and name badge. We don’t allow shorts to be worn. Our biggest challenges are hats and untucked shirts.



To best represent Southern Miss, student and full-time staff alike must properly maintain one’s appearance. This section of the handbook details the dress code for all student employees. 


All student employees must: 

    • Always wear their nametag when clocked in for a shift.
    • Nametags should be picked up and returned to the clock in area. 
    • Students are responsible for purchasing replacement nametags if lost or significantly damaged. Estimated cost: $15.00 
    • Wear the polo staff shirt provided by the department, and it must be tucked in at all times.
    • Employees will be supplied with 2 polos for their respective position. 
    • On special occasions you may be asked to wear something more formal. 
    • Employees are responsible for purchasing an additional or replacement shirt. Estimated cost: $25.00. 
    • At the conclusion of your employment with the department, you will be asked to return your nametag and polos. 


Facility Manager, Crew Leader, & TLNC Specialist Attire: 

  • The provided staff polo shirt, non-wrinkled and non-tattered khaki pants or slacks, or a knee-length (or longer) khaki skirt, and closed toed shoes. 


Crew Member & Desk Assistant Attire: 

  • The provided polo shirt, non-wrinkled and non-tattered khakis, jeans, or a knee-length (or longer) skirt that is appropriate for completing the job’s responsibilities. o All operations employees must wear closed toed shoes. 


Additional notes regarding appearance: 

  • An employee’s hair or hairstyle should not draw undue attention. 
  • Wearing hats or caps is not allowed. 
  • Excessively visible piercings or tattoos are not acceptable. 
  • Beards/facial hair must be neatly groomed. 


Note: When student employees are on the clock for training or professional development workshops, uniformed attire is not required. However, employees must still dress appropriately. 


Inappropriate dress includes, but is not limited to: 

  • Spandex/Leggings (may only be worn with a skirt, dress, kilt, lava lava, etc.) 
  • Athletic uniform apparel 
  • Mini-skirts 
  • Hats and caps 
  • Midriff tops 
  • Pants or jeans with rips or holes 
  • Clothing with other university logos 
  • Pants must be worn at waist level 



Stephen R. McCay, M.S. 

Assistant Director for Operations 

Union & Programs Department

University of Southern Mississippi

118 College Drive #5067 | Hattiesburg, MS  39406

P: 601-266-4220 | F: 601-266-5870



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Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Jeffrey Steinmiller on Jun 4, 2019 8:58 am

Here at Pittsburg St. all student employees are required to wear a polo and name tag.  We provide new polos every year and I gave up on getting them to tuck the shirt in.  We purchase ones that are designed not to be tucked in.  They are also given one wind shirt to wear during their entire student employment for the colder weather.  Shorts are acceptable as long as they are not cut offs or gym type shorts.  Hats are fine as long as they are facing forward.  The managers and porters (set-up crew) are not allowed to wear open toed shoes either given the work they may be doing.  I remind them that as student employees they represent the entire staff, the building and the University. 

Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Giancarlo Brugnolo on Jun 5, 2019 10:39 am

Hi Shane!

In one of the more recent editions of the Bulletin, there was a piece on student staff uniforms that you might find interesting and might provide you with different perspectives.

What we do at Jefferson are jackets. We have a heavier jacket for the winter month, and a lightweight jacket for all other seasons. All the jackets are embroidered with the student's name. Students are allowed to wear what they want to wear as long as it's appropriate (the exception being closed-toed shoes). We then discuss what is meant by appropriate so that I can try to address every possible scenario they come up with, and bring them all to a common understanding. Plus, I go through a rigorous hiring process so I want to show my staff that I have trust in them and that I don't need to spell out every possible scenario. Generally speaking, this has been highly successful for us. This is also impart because it was my student staff that came up with the idea. After struggling with polos and name tags (specifically loosing their name tags), the student staff and I sat down and had a serious conversation about the uniform. The jacket was an acceptable compromise for me and the students, and I haven't had many issues with it. Some other thoughts:

- This can be costly, but the jackets are given to them for the length of their employment, and they must pay if they loose their jacket. So the first round would be expensive, but after that, the costs will go down.
- Our BMs are also the setup crew so I want to them to feel comfortable. It's easy for them to just take off their jackets, setup the room, and throw them back on
- The jackets are easy for the BMs to throw on when they arrive for their shifts, and because they are unique, easy for customers and guests to identify them.

If you have any specific questions, I would be happy to answer them! I also included some pictures as well. 



Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Steve Chaplin on Jun 6, 2019 10:38 am

Hi Shane, and thank you Giancarlo -- you are my hero-of-the-day for remembering work in the Bulletin. Giancarlo is right ... we've actually had two Bulletin pieces since late 2017 that are pertinent to your inquiry and I'll attach them here. Hope this might help!

Steve Chaplin
Managing Editor – ACUI’s The Bulletin
Manager, ACUI College Union and Student Activities (CUSA) Evaluation Program

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Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Kiley Cinelli on Jun 10, 2019 9:45 am


If your staff are required to wear nametags, can anyone share best practices on how you encouraged staff to remember to wear them? At TCNJ, we conssitently need to remind staff. 

Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Garland Rodriguez on Jun 11, 2019 9:11 am

Here at The University of Louisiana - Lafayette our student workers, are provided with a polo with our branding logo in Red and Gray.  each new student gets 2 red and 1 gray to start.  our students were the red polo on MWF and the Gray on Tues and Thurs.  they must also wear either jeans, slacks, or a type of khaki short, NO Gym clothes or "yoga" pants, cut offs, or pants with holes in them.  requirements for shoes is something that is closed toe, no crocs, flip flops or sandles.  the challenges i run into are the sizing for females and males and which polo to buy that doesen't snag. if a student worker damages a polo they are responsible for replacing it, also if they quit or graduate they must return the polo or we can place a hold on their account until they do.  

Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Yakima Melton on Jun 11, 2019 1:46 pm

Hi Kiley,
 Regarding your question, regarding name tags. We have provided students with a central location to keep their nametags (e.g. a small basket in the office) where all name tags are kept. They clock in and grab their name tag which eliminates them "forgetting it." Since we have made it easy for them to have access and wear their name tags, the penalty for not wearing it can warrant a disciplinary write up (e.g. failure to wear uniform). 

Re: Student Staff Dress Code

Posted by Andrea Giachino on Jun 13, 2019 9:47 am


I too feel we are constantly reminding about name tags & walkie talkies. I have turned to having clever memes placed behind the desk they sit at as a fun reminder that hopefully will save me from pointing it out. Students have a space available in our office to store their name tags between shifts if they want to.