Anybody up for lunch?

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Anybody up for lunch?

Posted by Bob Rodda on Oct 23, 2018 2:51 pm

During a somewhat regular lunch gathering with a very seasoned member of the profession, several of us who attended hit upon the idea of organizing geographically-based lunches.  It seems to me to be very consistent with the Community's lunch last year in Anaheim.  We just want to see and talk to each other.  It could be as simple as just picking a day, time and place and sending an invitation to members of this list and others in the area to gather.  

i wanted to follow up on this earlier thought about possible activities for the Community and share that 15 of us in the former Region 7 got together last Friday in Akron consistent with the plan outlined above.  Our rallying cry was "Lunch with Gretchen and Jim".  Gretchen Laatsch is one of the legendary leaders in the Region and Association and her husband Jim Switzer attended many ACUI activities and was a consistent reader at College Bowl tournaments.  We talked with Gretchen and Jim about a set a workable dates and polled our mailing list to pick the optimum date for participation.  Then we picked a location, emailed other colleagues, and heard from over 20 people with 15 being able to attend.  The group was about half retired and half still working.  Indeed, colleagues further spread the word which added another participant.  We had a delightful afternoon of sharing photos and stories as well as catching up on our lives.  Tentatively, we plan on scheduling other gatherings, maybe one in each season except winter.  Next up is a possible gathering in the spring in Bowling Green/Toledo area because there are a lot of us in the geography.  I'd be happy to talk with anybody interested in learning more about our lunch.  

With our success, I hope that the Community continues to offer a Community Dinner at the annual conference.  

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Re: Anybody up for lunch?

Posted by Jerry Mann on Oct 24, 2018 6:48 am

Bob - Susan and I have talked with Scarlett about this idea you've proposed and think it a good one.  One of our goals for the next quarter is to communicate to non-members of the COP to solicit their membership and then start to compile a list of where different members reside so we can facilitate your proposal.  So stay posted in the coming months as we begin to put something solid together