Informing the General Populations

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Informing the General Populations

Posted by Jerry Mann on Jun 17, 2018 9:26 am

This may be preaching to the choir in terms of folks already subscribed to this COP but we are wondering if any of you out there have some creative ideas for how we as the new chairs can inform the rest of the ACUI membership that you don’t have to be retired to be a part of this group.  Basically, 20 years of experience is the ticket to entry, bringing folks with lots of experience together with those who have the field physically but not in their hearts.
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Re: Informing the General Populations

Posted by Bob Rodda on Jul 2, 2018 5:25 pm

Let me respond to several recent posts.  

1.  I was happy to learn that "seasoned" professional has a definition of 20 years of service.  My operating principle has been if you self-labeled as "seasoned", you were.  The def helps.

2.  As to letting people know about the definition and that anyone with 20 years of service qualifies for membership, I'd suggest a variety of institutional approaches including having it mentioned by the president or Executive Officer in an appropriate Bulletin column, as a sidebar in the Bulletin as a "Did You Know", encouraging the current participants to invite qualified folks that they know to join the listserv, etc.

3.  I can't help but observe different perspectives when I was "seasoned" vs "retired".  As a professional, I was looking for ideas, connections, innovations and the like to help me do my job better.  As a retiree, I focus on relationships.  Now I talk to people about their families, vacations, hobbies, health, and the like.  

4.  During a somewhat regular lunch gathering with a very seasoned member of the profession, several of us who attended hit upon the idea of organizing geographically-based lunches.  It seems to me to be very consistent with the Community's lunch last year in Anaheim.  We just want to see and talk to each other.  It could be as simple as just picking a day, time and place and sending an invitation to members of this list and others in the area to gather.  

Bob Rodda

Re: Informing the General Populations

Posted by Jerry Mann on Jul 4, 2018 9:21 am

Bob - Thanks for the well thought out and informative post.  I can see us easily incorporating the ideas as ways to reach out to our "veterans", regardless of their status (working our not).  I'll get together with Susan Payment (co-chair) and discuss how we can push this forward