Lead/Serve: Meet the Membership

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Lead/Serve: Meet the Membership

Posted by Erin Williamson on May 30, 2017 8:08 pm

Hello Leadership and Service Education Community of Practice,

After quite a hiatus, let's stir up some community within this COP! Let's start by getting to know our COP membership. Reply to this thead introducing yourself with the following information:
  • Name, Institution
  • Job duties at home campus
  • Favorite tradition at your home campus
  • Why did you join this COP?
  • What informs and influences your work with students? (specific development theories, models of leadership or service, personal mottos/Strengths, etc.)
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Re: Lead/Serve: Meet the Membership

Posted by Erin Williamson on May 30, 2017 8:17 pm

I'll get us started! I'm Erin Williamson from University of North Carolina Wilmington. I'm the Assistant Director for Leadership Programs in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement here, I primarly oversee our annual leadership conference, a group of student leadership peer educators (brand new!), our campus-wide StrengthsFinder program, and Emotionally Intelligent Leadership Workshop Series. I'm also your COP Leader, and after a terribly long and excuse-less hiatus, I'm here to kick us off for the year!

My favorite tradition at UNCW surrounds our union and student center namesake. Herb and Sylvia Fisher, town locals, donated a large endowment making our student center and student union possible, as well programming and other services. Mr. Fisher owned the Varsity, a local grill that served as the unofficial student union before our campus moved to its present location. To honor Mr. Fisher's legacy, as well as his generosity, we have free hot dogs in the student center every year on his birthday! He even makes an appearance to meet and greet with students.

My work with students is largely informed by the Social Change Model of Leadership as well as my deep appreciation and fascination with StrengthsFinder.

Can't wait to "meet" you all!