Leadership Office Student Staff / Student Programmers

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Leadership Office Student Staff / Student Programmers

Posted by Chris Fishpaw on Mar 27, 2018 4:47 pm

Greetings! I am a newly appointed director of student leadership programs.  SLP in our case is part of the Center for Student Involvement and does not work directly with service.  Our programmatic mission calls us to facilitate general leadership programming, to work with leadership programming for student organizations, and to provided coordinated leadership programming through coursework and directed experiences.  

All of that said, I am looking to hire a few students whose general assignments will include: staffing the SLP front desk (we don't have administrative support), learning about leadership through independent guided research and staff-facilitated trainings, and ultimately (longer-term), developing and peer-facilitating workshops.  As I look to begin this project, I am writing ya'll to see if anyone has any resources that could be helpful to me, including job descriptions, training manuals, etc. or anything else you think could be helpful. 

I have extensive experience in student employee supervision, but would love your help as I envision this new role!

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Re: Leadership Office Student Staff / Student Programmers

Posted by Erin Williamson on Apr 2, 2018 10:19 am

Hey Chris! I have a few things that might be helpful to you. I attached a few items:
  • the application for our Leadership Council - one of these student leader positions facilitates workshops.
  • Handbook for our Engagement Assistants - office assistants that provide desk coverage and customer assistance to walk-ins. Of course, a lot of this information is specific to our office and institution, but it might give you an idea of what we have them do while on duty (this is a draft created by our Admin Assistant, their supervisor. I'm sorry I couldn't find the final copy)
Let me know if I can help you further!
Erin Williamson
Assistant Director, Leadership Programs
Office of Student Leadership and Engagement
UNC Wilmington
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Re: Leadership Office Student Staff / Student Programmers

Posted by Chris Fishpaw on Apr 9, 2018 9:03 am

Thanks, Erin!!

Re: Leadership Office Student Staff / Student Programmers

Posted by Kate Radford on Jun 20, 2018 6:02 pm

Sorry that I am late in the game in getting you a reply (still trying to acclimate myself to our community's page!) but I am hoping these items may still be helpful to you! 

Here at Clemson we have a group of students we call Clemson Involvement Ambassadors. These students are responsible for doing consultations with individual students to support student involvement and also develop content and deliver workshops to student organizations and other groups on varying leadership & organization management concepts. I have included below their job description, a call for applicants, and a training module we utilize with them. 

Are you still in need of materials? Anyone else out there with things to share?
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