September Late Night Highlight: Binghamton University

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September Late Night Highlight: Binghamton University

Posted by Dillon Deffinbaugh on Sep 27, 2018 6:23 pm

Late Nite Binghamton and Binghamton University introduction:
Public research university; 14,000 undergrads, 3,600 grad students (7,400 live on-campus)
Binghamton, NY: ~46,000 residents (closer to 100,000 with adjacent cities)

Late Nite Binghamton is a highly-collaborative programming board which plans an extensive calendar of events primarily focused on fostering healthy social opportunities in support of student engagement. Additional values (e.g., diversity, health, leadership, and education) are consistently integrated into programming efforts as well.


Program history and reconceptualization:
Late Nite has consistently offered Friday and Saturday night programming since its establishment in 2001. In Fall 2017, we reconceptualized the program, focusing on topics such as: purposeful assessment; introduction of a consistent film series; campus and community partnerships; program and event promotion; fiscal responsibility; space reconfiguration, and; coordination with other programming entities on campus.

Program details:
Late Nite hosts free events, including a weekly film series on Friday nights, as well as larger-scale themed events on Saturday nights from 8pm to midnight. We also host occasional weeknight events (about every other week) which fill specific needs on campus and/or enhance partnerships. The new program model has been widely-accepted by students and other stakeholders.
Film events are typically held at 7pm and 10pm, featuring a registration table (attendance and demographics collection), a survey accompanied by small themed prizes, popcorn, and drinks. Themed events include a single main event (e.g., performer or inflatable), supporting activities, club activities, crafts, decorations, prizes, and food, with the goal of all activities meeting a common theme. Weeknight events range widely depending on perceived campus needs.

Today, Late Nite is on track to double attendance within the first two years of program reconceptualization with no change to venues or budgets. With increasing demand, we are now preparing to lengthen programs to 1am. Posters are currently our most effective form of marketing, followed by word of mouth and email (respectively). New/enhanced partnerships with key campus groups have contributed to growth as well, including partnerships with: Disability Services, Multicultural Resource Center, student government, Campus Recreation, health advocacy office, Residential Life, Coca-Cola, Swank MP, and local vendors. Successful and creative event examples include: Late Nite Sexapalooza (social/health hybrid program) and Black Panther at AMC Theater (social/diversity hybrid).

1 program coordinator; 3 graduate assistants; 30 undergraduate staff; many volunteers (typically interested in securing a full-time position).

Program metrics from 16/17 to 17/18 (new program model introduction):
53% increase in program attendances (7,236 to 11,070). 39% decrease in dollar per student spending. 90% increase in total number of events (includes weekly double-showings of a single film). 112 co-sponsored/co-hosted events. 98% event satisfaction rate (survey n=1,154).

For specific questions, please contact:
Dillon Deffinbaugh, Campus Activities Program Coordinator, at

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