Summer Prep

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Summer Prep

Posted by Jamie Alt on Jul 9, 2018 4:11 pm

Hey y'all! 

Happy July, and New (Fiscal) Year for many of us! 

I've been in full summer project mode over the last couple of weeks, which includes planning for UMix Late Night programs this year, and that got me thinking...I wonder what other folks are doing to prep their late night programs this summer? 

So, shout it out! What have you been doing, or are still planning to do, this summer to prep your late night programs? Are you implementing something new? Benchmarking? Let the group know what you've been working on. 

Besides creating budget tracking and room planning documents, my work this summer has been preparing to bring the program to a new building. The Union, where it was housed, is closed for renovations, so I’ve had to think about what this program will look like in new spaces. The running time of the program has been changed to reflect the hours of the new building, and space limitations have me flexing my creative thinking and problem solving muscles around what activities we can do that will fit, and still make it feel like UMix. It’s been quite the growth opportunity!

Let’s hear it! What have you been working on this summer?

While I have you, a quick reminder that THIS Friday (July 13) is the deadline for open regional volunteer positions. I hope you consider sharing your talents with your region! 

Thanks! Have a great week!

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