New Late Night COP Leader

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New Late Night COP Leader

Posted by Jamie Alt on May 29, 2018 4:00 pm

Hi all!

My name is Jamie Alt, and I was recently selected as the new Late Night Community of Practice Leader. I’m currently working at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor overseeing late night and high risk weekend programming, this includes UMix Late Night. UMix is U of M’s premier, late night tradition (like how we avoid “alcohol alternative”), and runs 16 times throughout the year (8 each semester) typically from 10pm-2am. I’m looking forward to leading this group, and hope to increase the use of our online discussions with regular posts, shoutouts, and program highlights! I also want this to be a community that we all feel a part of, so please don’t hesitate to reach out to me with some of your ideas, because I know we’re a creative bunch! Happy to help implement new initiatives to make our group a stronger resource.

To get us started, what are some highlights from your late night programs this past year!? I know late night programming can be a thankless job sometimes, so pat yourself on the back and let us know about what was fabulous for you!

Here are some highlights from UMix this year

  • Almost 11,500 in attendance over 16 programs (we average 300-500 each event)
  • Fun themes like ClueMix, Healthy YoUMix, UMix and the Chamber of Secrets, and Best of UMix.

  • New partnerships with Wolverine Wellness & Multi Ethnic Student Affairs, sponsoring activities at events

  • Conducting a robust assessment of the program

I also have a personal questions I’d like to pose to the group. What are some fun giveaways you’ve done for your programs? I’ve been struggling to come up with a fun idea. In the past we’ve done stress balls, post-it notes, chapstick. We usually spend about $1 per piece ($1000 in total).

Ok, that’s enough of me! Let me know as you have questions, comments, or concerns! Happy to respond to any all! My contact information is below.

Happy Tuesday! :)


Jamie Alt
Program Advisor, Center for Campus Involvement | University of Michigan

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Re: New Late Night COP Leader

Posted by Catherine Fitzpatrick on May 30, 2018 1:46 pm

Hi Jamie
The University Activities Board at Michigan State University programs on the weekends although we do not refer to our program as "Late Night" any longer.  Our students have not supported the 9pm-1 am or 10pm-2 am events in quite some time so we have had to change and adapt to our current students.  Our most recent survey is even telling us they want events to start at 7 pm on Thursdays and Fridays!  Some of the higher attendance events that took place this past year were:  any and all craft nights no matter what the craft, 90's event, Zumba Zone, Chat w/Tyler Oakley (he was our Grand Marshall for Homecoming,) Rocky Horror, Battle of the Bands, Bingo, Last Spartan Standing w/host Lafayette Wright, Bollywood Adventure, Rec Fest (partnership with our Rec Sports,) Spartan Con, UAB Spa Night, Sibs & Kids, Cocoa & Canvas, Get Globed: Food & Music Around the World, The Second City, Mission Improvable, Archery Tag, Salish (hypnotist,) and Get Globed: Games & Fun. 
In regards to giveaways, we can spend less than $10 an item as long as our logo is on it but ideas for a giveaway for less than $1 would be stickers! We have had great success with branding our logo or social media handle along with an MSU trademark (Spartan helmet or block S) and making it into a sticker for their laptop or skateboard or whatever and these are very inexpensive.  We also did a block S keyboard sticker to replace the S on their laptops, magnetic chip clips, hand sanitizer, and cell phone wallets (not sure if these are $1 a piece.)
Let me know if you have questions about any of these.
Cathy Fitzpatrick, Manager, University Activities Office, Michigan State University

Re: New Late Night COP Leader

Posted by Morgan Zuziak on Jun 1, 2018 2:00 pm

Hello All,

My name is Morgan and I'm the Coordinator for Programming and Marketing for the Joe Crowley Student Union at the University of Nevada, Reno. I oversee the student union Programming and Marketing team, so we are structured a bit differently than many programming boards that run out of student involvement/engagement offices. Over the past few years, we have started to build up our late night programs from the ground up. Some highlights from this past year include our Canvas Paint Night, Succulent Night, and our first 'traditional' large-scale late night program, Late Night at the Joe. This was the first time my students had seen an event like that and it was our largest attended event of the semester! Due to it's success, we have finally created an area of programming dedicated to late night events.

For giveaways, we don't typically order ones specific for events, but this past year we ordered pens, sticky note pads, stickers (students use and love HydroFlasks here and they are always looking for new stickers), and we ordered 'camping theme' mugs for our Coffee House Series.

I have a question to pose to the group as well - we do assessments for our events but for now they have just been paper surveys at the event. I feel like there might be a better way to gain feedback and assess. I'd love to hear what other campuses do! 


Morgan Zuziak
Coordinator, Programming and Marketing
Joe Crowley Student Union | University of Nevada, Reno

Re: New Late Night COP Leader

Posted by Jamie Alt on Jun 5, 2018 9:50 am

Thanks for sharing Cathy & Morgan! 

Cathy - Sounds like you had some really fun and creative programs this past year! We are also in the process of thinking about the timing of our late night offerings. The Union we typically program in is closed for renovation, so we're having to shift the timing of the program to accommodate the new spaces we'll be in. I'm interested to see how it goes, and if it shows us that we need to think about making a permanent change to the program. I appreciate you sharing about the sticker idea. I think that might be fun!

Morgan - Congrats on establishing late night programs! That's so exciting to hear they've been going well! I love the coffee mug idea! To your assessment question. We send out surveys at the end of each semester to our attendees for their feedback. We use Baseline, through Campus Labs, and swipe student IDs at each event. This allows us to send the survey directly to those who attended. We incentivise the survey with gift card raffles. While this has worked for some more in depth assessment of the program, I would like to be able to capture more satisfaction assessment in the moment.