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Table Cloth

Posted by Manica Pierrette on Jan 10, 2018 5:07 pm

Hello ACUI Family,

 I am looking at purchasing table cloth for our rectangular tables. In the past, groups had to rent linen from our on-campus catering for a charge. Any recommendation of companies you have used with great bulk purchase rates? We are looking for plain white polyester or cotton linen. Thanks always for the feedback.
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Re: Table Cloth

Posted by Eric Johnson on Jan 11, 2018 9:47 am

Hello Manica,     We have used ( ) to buy tablecloths for a few campus and city organizations and got great pricing (they have a great variety of sizes, colors, and shapes). The cloths seem to wear well, but these organizations don't use them very often, so I am not sure about daily use durability. Check them out. There are also a few other online companies that offer similar pricing and are also producers or factory reps. Do a web search for the cloths you want and see what might be your best price.
Eric Johnson - E.H. Hereford University Center - University of Texas at Arlington

Re: Table Cloth

Posted by Matt McKinney on Jan 11, 2018 10:35 am


All linen orders used to go through our on-campus dining services partners. Our department did some research in order to assess the feasability of providing table linen service to our guests at a lower cost. We contacted the local Alsco representative ( and negotiated a weekly rental agreement that allows us to provide basic table linen, as well as custom overlays, at almost half the price customers were paying. Also, by renting the linens, we avoid the time and cost of having them laudered. This program just kicked-off in January, but our campus and Conference Services partners have expressed a great deal of excitement and interest.
Ash Elkins - UCES Admin - University of West Florida Commons

Re: Table Cloth

Posted by Diane Fout on Jan 11, 2018 11:52 am

We are a very small (private) campus and groups using our campus center typically rent linen through their event caterer.  If they aren't using a caterer or just need a few for information or registration tables, or they are a student organization with limited funds, I have a few that we have purchased for that purpose (some funds came from student activities budget in addition to campus center budget to provide as a service to student organizations.)  We just allow them to request and use them (check them out) for events we would tables and chairs.  They are billed if the cloths need to be laundered following their use.  We are different from most centers in that we are provided with an operating budget by the university and therefore don't have to charge internal groups to use the space or equipment.  I just have one of my employees launder the cloths using campus laundry facilities.

Depending on what your use for the cloths would be, I would highly recommend getting black, full to floor drapes instead of white.  The full to floor length eliminates the need for skirting so it takes much less time to set up, and they don't show stains as much.  I personally think the black looks more professional and classier than the white.  

Re: Table Cloth

Posted by Chris Jensen on Jan 12, 2018 3:34 pm

We have been using GBS Linens who is linen wholesale supplier for the past (4) years or so and have had great results.  They have a few offices around the US.  The company offers both rentals and laundry at the same pricing that any "party" or decor company is offered.  We are able to compete as we are not as worried about profit and markup.  Most of our campus community has figured out now that when they ask an outside event vendor for linens that those event companies are using the same vendor we are.   

Their service is twice a week pickup and delivery with no charge as it is in the pricing.  For about half the cost of a rental they will wash any of our owned stock and return to us pressed, folded and hung.  As long as you can manage the time tables this can be a great option.  We have invested in a large stock recently and are already seeing a savings.  I know there are other companies that do the same thing in other large markets.  When we get requests for colors or materials we don't have we are able to order those from GBS

As I mentioned above, the key to the linen supplier model and not an event rental company is that they are supplying the event companies.  You have to make sure you are not dealing with a middle party for your services.