Facilities Management & Event Management core competencies review

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Facilities Management & Event Management core competencies review

Posted by Michael Schmit on Mar 18, 2019 3:34 pm

Happy Monday Facilities & Operations Community! Especially to those that are on Spring Break like we are here in Milwaukee.

I have been asked to reach out in advance of next week's Annual Conference in a hope that members of our community can take time to review the draft updated to the Event Management and Facility Management core competencies. As was discussed during our CoP meeting in Anaheim last year, we have a great group of professionals that work in Event Management, and another great group of professionals that work in Facility Management in our Community (plus those of us that are lucky (or crazy) enough to work in both areas). We will take between 5 and 15 minutes during our Community meeting at 12:00pm in Room 312, part of Education Block #2 at the Annual Conference. 

I am also hopeful that we can generate a list over the course of the next week of hot button and maybe even "warm button" topics in advance of our discussion. Please respond to this post with any items that you would like me to bring up for discussion when we meet as a group next week.

Thanks so much, and remember that next Monday is ACUI Spirit Day, so I look forward to seeing a room full of facilities professionals in purple or ACUI gear!

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Re: Facilities Management & Event Management core competencies review

Posted by Nora Molloy on Mar 20, 2019 8:15 pm

I won't be at the conference but spent some time reviewing both of these documents - I do work in both of these areas. I think these documents are very thorough. Each time something occurred to me, I reviewed again and found that my thoughts would fit into one of the broader bullet points. So the fact that I don't have things to add or question is not for lack of looking for gaps!  I feel like I have had exposure to most of the items on both of these lists. In the facilities list, the scope of knowledge, from the basic to the advanced and/or technical is especially vast. Knowing these are all "core" competencies, could there still be value in somehow differentiating basic vs. advanced competencies? Looking at the extent of the list, it seems a daunting amount of knowledge. If a new professional were to look at it, even if they weren't overwhelmed would they know how/where to best put their efforts for a foundation? The content is solid, so my thought logically then moves to consideration for how it is presented so that it can be digested, and acted upon.

Sorry I will miss the conference. Thanks for your efforts on this and for those who put all the time into drafting these.

Nora Molloy
University of New Hampshire